Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OPoCCtGP's Food and Workout Diary - Oct 31

Booo!! Its Halloween! Time to declare I scared myself with my dessert-almost-binging and eating this weekend. Its called control, OPoCCtGP! Thus, I begin another cycle of food diary and documenting. Though, being utterly embarrassed about my breakfast, I begin documentation of my intakes only post-lunch...

Food :
Lunch (a bit after noon)
- 6" Veggie Delite Subway sandwich with jalapeno cheese, giardiniera, and vinegar. Mmmm...
- About 1/2 cup of pineapple pieces.
Around 2:00 pm
- One 100 cal Chips Ahoy pack.
- One 100 cal Oreo cookie pack.
Around 3:30 pm
- One large cup of Aveda comforting tea.
Around 5:30 pm
- Lots of pieces of roasted potatoes while driving
Around 6:30 pm
- Bowtie pasta with broccoli and cheese and marinara sauce
- Potatoes
Around 8:00 pm
- Two large lumps of almond chocolate clusters
- A few sips of wine