Saturday, June 16, 2007

Suchi: Sat: June 16th

7:00am 1 mug (was regular size not tooo big like the usual american ones) Cold Coffee
1:00pm:3 rotis ( got a little carried away),1 1/2 cupAloo mattar sabzi,achaar
5:00 pm: Couldn't resist the darn KHEER!
7:45: 3 Rotis ( need to cut it down to 2) 1 cup Aloo Mattar and little achaar.
1 Glass OJ

OPoCCtGP's June 16th post

7:00 am - Ran 7 miles (yahoo!) outside

8:45 am - Few grapes, some gatorade
11:00 am - Cup of honey bunches of oats with 1/2 cup 2% milk and fresh blueberries
12:30 pm - 1/2 cup chole, 1/2 cup sauteed mushrooms, 2 cashew-crunch pieces
6:00 pm - Tomato & cheese sandwich on Italian bread with some Italian dressing (light!), lots of grapes and some sugar snap peas, McDonald's apple pie
9:30 pm - Half a barbecued seitan sandwich (mmmm... good) with a huge vegan almond cookie

Kittys June 15th post

The weekend is here yayyy! here goes

for Friday June 15th
Breakfast9-9.30 AM- 1 cup of silk soy milk and 1 cup of swiss oatmeal from corner bakery
Lunch- 12.30 AM- 6" tuna sandwich from subway
Snack 6.30 PM - 1 Sixteen Orange dream machine from JJ
Dinner 9 PM- Take out Thai foood! Dont even recall what i ate..must have been good. There was some Pad thai noodles, chicken, and a serving of rice with curry. 3/4 ths of a bottle of beer
Desert- Cup of kheer (thanks suchi's mom :>)

Friday, June 15, 2007

OPoCCtGP's June 15th post

None - Taking the day off. :)

10:00 am - One cup honey-bunches-of-oats cereal with handful of fresh blueberries and 2% milk. Quite a few grapes.
12:20 pm - Sandwich with Italian bread, 3/4 of a tomato and cheese. Some more grapes. And then a fun-size Butterfinger. :(
3:00 pm - Some almond clusters, a few M&Ms :(
4:00 pm - One cup of chole
6:30 pm - One margarita. Half a (huge) veggie sandwich with pesto, and cheese, and on foccacia (sp?) bread with a side of fruit (yay!)
8:00 pm - Large one scoop icecream - mmmm... good

LoR - June 15th

And they say every day is a different day.. this one time I hope that it is true. Yesterday was a bad one food-wise. I will be mildly surprised if anyone even read through my list of food items without yawning. Wow. I hogged or what? :)

Breakfast: 2 waffles with maple syrup, 1 wheat grass shot from JJ
Lunch: [cant remember.. most likely nothing much]
Dinner: Leftovers from last night.. coconut rice + chicken curry

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kitty's 14th June Post

Here i exercise goals yet! So here's my food blog for today.
Breakfast 9.30 AM- 1 Caribou coffee vanilla cereal bar
Lunch 12.30 AM- Chipotle chicken burrito
Snack 7.30 PM - Tall starbucks chai latte with skim milk
Dinner 9.15 PM- 3 chapatis with aloo methi, side of yoghurt (low fat) with beans and kozhambu (south indian sambar like dish)

Suchi -14th June!

6:00am : Orange Juice one glass
10:30 am: I cup Dal
12:45 : Lunch: 2 rotis, Dal,Sabzi
5:00: One bowl Poha
9:15:2 rotis,Dal and Sabzi
11:00 1 cup cold coffee and 1 chocolate ( it was staring at me!!!! )

LoR - June 14th

Day two [and they say that is the toughest]

Breakfast: none as usual [10 peanuts]
  • Salad
  • half cup of low-fat vegetable medley soup
  • 96% fat bran muffin
  • low-fat muffin
  • diet coke
  • wheat-grass shot
  • peanuts [half a serving]
  • quarter of strawberry smoothie [sitting on my desk right now, but will definitely be consumed]
  • OMG! You can never plan a day.. one slice of chocolate cake, one slice of dulce de leche cake :( [office birthdays]
  • Vegetable rice with coconut milk
  • Aloo Korma

OPoCCtGP's June 14th post

4:00 pm - Ran in gym on treadmill, at 1.0 incline, for 3 miles at 5.5mph. No stopping. :)

9:15 am - Cup of cantaloupe with some cheese
9:20 am - Some extra cheese
9:25 am - Cup of clear tea
10:00 am - One Lara Bar - Pecan Pie
12:00 noon - Four M&Ms. :)
12:40 pm - Bowl of greens with scant dressing
1:00 pm - Bowl of tomato soup
2:00 pm - Few (really!) potato chips
3:00 pm - Few Honey Maid Graham chocolate sticks
5:45 pm - Half a bag of almond clusters (w/o chocolate)
7:00 pm - Tomato, cheese and bread sandwich.
9:00 pm - Some more almond clusters. :(
10:00 pm - Some grapes with some cheese. (I see a pattern here!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LoR - June 13th

Workout girls and The Return of Motivation!!

and who said sequels are not as good as the original. :P

Breakfast: Who has breakfast anyways? Unless of course I am at parents'.
Lunch: Peach Perfection Jamba Juice Smoothie - Original size
Snack: Peanuts (2 servings)
Dinner: Two rotis + Aloo tomato curry
Snack: Chagodi [or chakras from desi store] - 4

OPoCCtGP's June 13th post

3:20 pm - Ran 3 miles in gym, with incline set to 1, at speed of 5.5mph, without stopping! :)

9:40 am - Half a cup of vanilla yogurt with large handful of honeymaid chocolate graham cracker stix.
11:20 am - A few roasted cashews (they were just sitting there!)
12:20 pm - A cup of chole, one laughing cow cheese wedge.
12:20 pm - One Crunch stix. It was a weak moment. :(
4:00 pm - Killed the workout gains by eating lots of shakkar parey! :( Looks like I'm having lots of weak moments. :(
5:30 pm - Ate some more shakkar parey. I gotta stop buying them! :)
7:00 pm - Bowl of chilli-Italian style
9:00 pm - Some M&Ms and some more shakkar parey
9:30 pm - Cup of clear tea