Tuesday, July 01, 2008

OPoCCtGP's Week 27, Jun 29 - Jul 5 Post

Sun, JUNE 29
Workout -
Some physio exercises - inner thigh standing and calf exercises

Food -
8:30 am: 1/2 serving veggie pot pie, 1/2 burrito
3:30 pm: 1/2 veggie panino w/ goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette, 1/2 cup of fruit. 1 scoop mango-pomegranate ice cream.
8:30 pm: Lots of hummus with sugar snap peas and also with potato chips. :(

Mon, JUNE 30
Workout -

Some exercises at physio. Knee lift walks, lunges with 15 lbs, backwards jogging, lunges onto Bosu.

Food -
9:30 am: Leftover 1/2 panino
12:30 pm: Veggie sushi (6 or so pieces?) w/ low sodium soy sauce and pickled ginger. 1 1/2 cups green tea. Few strawberries with minimum condensed milk (dipping sauce). One peppermint candy
3:30 pm: 1/2 cup cut up cantaloupe and pineapple, 1 cup blackberries with one roundelle Baby Bell cheese
5:00 pm: Large bowl frosted mini wheats with 1% skim milk
8:30 pm: 1 1/2 cup risotto, 3 sauteed asparagus stalks, one orange stick.

Tue, JULY 1
Workout -
Ran 4 miles. Slowed down at end.

Food -
8:45 am: 1 1/2 cups risotto
10:00 am: 1 cup cappuccino
10:30 am: One orange stick
12:00 pm: Bowl (1 1/2 C) roasted red pepper soup.
2:30 pm: 1 cup blackberries w/ 2 Babybel cheese roundels.
4:45 pm: 1/2 cup risotto
9:00 pm: 1 serving vegetable pot pie

NOTE: This whole day should be in RED following Baby Phat's colour coding!!!! :(
Wed, JULY 2
Workout -

Food -
8:30 am: One Blueberry yogurt Luna bar, water
10:30 am: Hot tea, orange flavoured
(And the day goes downhill from there....)
12:30 pm: 3 pizza slices, one mushroom, one veggie, one cheese, salad w/ olives, green peppers and carrots w/o dressing
5:30 pm: LOTS of chocolate covered almonds (15?), tiramisu wafer squares, Stacy's cinnamon-sugar chips, atleast 2 servings.
7:30 pm: 6 mini-spring rolls w/ ketchup, handful of grapes, couple of cherries, triangle slice of jalapeno pizza, idlis with sambhar, idli in tamrind sauce, ice cream with peach cobbler. WHEW!!!
11:00 pm: Handful of chocolate covered almonds (again!)

Thu, JULY 3
Workout -
Ran 3 miles. Stretched.

Food -
10:30 am - 2 chocolate covered almonds. ;)
12:30 pm - Large bowl red/white/blue potato salad
1:00 pm - Handful chocolate covered almonds (gotta stop! Hopefully writing what I eat will help there!), 4 Stacy's pita chips, 2 tiramisu wafer squares
2:00 pm - 4 Stacy's pita chips
3:00 pm - 4 Stacy's pita chips
7:30 pm - 1 cup दाल, tofu kabab with salad (lettuce, tomatoe, olive, cucumber, red onion) and some feta cheese
8:45 pm - 1/3 box of chocolate almonds. Yes, BOX!!!

Friday, JULY 4
Workout -
None really, just walked around a bit in the Arboretum.

Food -
9:30 am: Something, can't remember what. :(
12:30 pm: Portabella mushroom wrap with tomato pesto, fruit bowl, vegan soup (yay!)
3:00 pm: Few bites of Meera's ice cream sandwich
5:00 pm: 2/3 bag of Stacy's pita chips
Dinner: Can't remember :( [Super Kudos to LoR and BP for keeping track over the weekend!!]

Am sure I ate plenty of chocolate covered almonds all throughout the day.
Saturday, JULY 5
Workout -
Ran 9 miles in morning.

Food -
6:25 am: 1/3 of bean, cheese and rice burrito
9:30 am: Few grapes, handful soy nuts
11:00 pm: 2/3 burrito and something else :) Can't remember what.
4:00 pm: Lots of chips, salsa and queso
7:00 pm: RED (!!) dinner. 1 hoagie roll (?) garlic bread with cheese, lots of onion rings, 1/2 serving (large!) of double baked potato
8:00 pm: Continuing the red dinner - smallest size banana flavour ice cream with chocolate shavings

Am sure I ate plenty of chocolate covered almonds all throughout the day.
WHEW! That ends an awful awful eating week!! Following LoR's strain, this week better be better. :D

BP's June 30 to July 6th Week

Breakfast: Granola bar (Honey and Oats) + Coffee (Choco-Lover- Look I had breakfast!!)
Lunch: 8 veggie sushi rolls + 2 strawberries dipped slightly in condensed milk
Afternoon Snack: 2 cups scrambled egg bhurji
Evening Snack: 1 medium Chapathi
Dinner: 3 Moong Dal Dosas, 1 egg sabzi
Workout: Ran 1.5 miles on treadmill

Breakfast: Granola Bar (Apple Crisp) + Coffee
Lunch: 1/2 Portabella Mushroom Sandwich
Afternoon Snack:
1/2 Portabella Mushroom Sandwich
Evening Snack: 6 Parle G biscuits, Black Channa curry
Dinner: 3 Moong Dal Dosas, Okra Sabzi, Coconut chutney, 1 glass Buttermilk, 1 cup low sugar Payasam
Workout: Ran 1.5 miles on treadmill again!! :) (Inspired by my running friends)

Breakfast: 1/2 reduced fat muffin + Coffee
Lunch: 2 eggs in a tomato based curry, 2 small rotis
Afternoon Snack: 1 Nature Valley almond bar from vending machine

Evening Snack: 1 large piece of watermelon
Dinner:Grilled fish and a side of beans
After Dinner snack: 1 cup cut watermelon
Workout: Ran 1.3 miles on treadmill

Breakfast: 1/2 reduced fat muffin (discarded the other half :) )+ Coffee (will start start with fruits from next week on, OPOC and Choco)
Lunch: 1 big cup saute`ed beets , 2 small rotis
Afternoon Snack: 1 Nature Valley almond bar from vending machine

Evening Snack: ! bid cup cut watermelon
Dinner:1 slice of garlic bread, 1 cup diet coke, 2.5 slices of pizza
Workout: None

Breakfast: Oats and Honey cereal bar + Coffee
Lunch: 1 cup Methi Dal; 1/4 cup rice
Afternoon Snack: 1 slice chocolate cake (without whipped cream)

Evening Snack: 1 cup Starbucks White Choc Mocha
Dinner: 1 cup Veg Biryani; 1 serving chicken curry; 1 small serving chicken 65
After Dinner snack: 1 cup rice pudding
Workout: None

Breakfast: 1 Panera Bagel w cream cheese + Coffee
Lunch: 5 Chicken Pakodas, 5 Veggie Pakodas, 1 cup Biryani, 1/2 cup channa curry, 1 small slice of choc cake
Afternoon Snack: 1 slice of cake

Evening Snack: 1 cup veg biryani (Don't ask...was binging I guess), 1 cup channa curry
Dinner: 1 cup Veg Biryani; 1/4 naan; 1 serving
Workout: None

Breakfast: 2 Moong Dal dosas + Tea
Lunch: 1 BBQed chicken breast
Afternoon Snack: 2 handfuls of trail mix , 1 cup ginger ale

Evening Snack: 1 cup cut watermelon, 3 tortilla chips
Dinner: 3 chicken kabobs, 1 chicken breast, 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup methi dal, 1 big glass watermelon juice

Workout: None

LoR - June 30 - July 6

Hurrah! Long weekend is here! Does that mean more hogging? Hopefully not! :)

Breakfast: Forgot my breakfast on the table! :(
Lunch: 2 Eggs scrambled [200 cals] + 2 rotis [100 cals]
Snack: handful of carrots [70 cals] with garlic hummus [>130 cals]
Snack: 1 mirchi bajji soaked in yogurt with 2 spoonfuls of yogurt [100 cals]
Dinner: 1.5 cup rice [300 cals] + sauteed summer squash and zucchini [100 cals] + sauteed palak, tomato, onion [200 cals] + homemade curd [50 cals] + gunpowder

Calories Consumed: 1250 cals
Workout: Ran 3 mi at 5.5 mph

Breakfast: Strawberry Yoplait [100 cals] + Activa bar [180 cals]
Lunch: Black Chana curry [250 cals] with 2 rotis [100 cals]
Snack: 6 Parle G biscuits [200 cals]
Snack: Some leftover rasam as a soup [50 cals?], coconut chutney [2 spoons - 50 cals] + 2 spoonfuls of chana [50 cals]
Dinner: 3 moong dal dosa [300 cals] + coconut chutney [100 cals] + 1 cup yogurt [100 cals]
Dessert: 1 cup of low sugar payasam [300 cals?]

Calories Consumed: 1780 cals
Workout: Ran 4 mi at 5 mph [on treadmill], stretched and iced knee later


Breakfast: Strawberry Yoplait [100 cals] + Activa bar [180 cals]
Lunch: Egg and drumsticks in tomato gravy [250 cals] + 2 rotis [100 cals]
Snack: Cannot remember, but did eat something.. [200 cals]
Dinner: 1 cup rice [200 cals] + sauteed chicken with zucchini, bell peppers [200 cals] + rasam [50 cals?]

Calories Consumed: 1280 cals
Workout: Ran 3 mi at 5 mph

Breakfast: Strawberry Yoplait [100 cals] + Activa bar [180 cals]
Lunch: Sauteed Beetroot [100 cals] with 2 rotis [100 cals]
Snack: 1/3 cup rice with rasam and gun powder [150 cals]!
Dinner: Veggie Muffaletta (without eggplant) sandwich on multigrain bread [800 cals, cannot believe, it looked very innocent!]+ side of carrots [20 cals] [Cosi]

Calories Consumed: 1480 cals
Workout: None

Breakfast: Strawberry Yoplait [100 cals]
Lunch & Dinner: [very late and a longish lunch that extended into dinner] grilled chicken and bell peppers [180 cals] + sauteed asparagus (10) [150 cals] + grilled chicken kababs (3) [500 cals] + coconut rice (2.5 cups) [800 cals] + cucumber raita [50 cals]
Drinks: 2 glasses red wine [120 cals]

Calories Consumed: 1900 cals
Workout: None

During running: Lots of water, gatorade, Gu, power drink
Breakfast: Vegetable Omelette [250 cals], Multigrain bread toast with strawberry jelly [150 cals], potato pancake [235 cals]
Lunch: 1 glass badam milk; milky mysore-pak (1) + onion pakoda (5) + 1 papad; 1.5 cup coconut rice + tindora coconut fry + chicken curry; 1 sprite
Snack: Double scoop ice-cream cone [fudge brownie + cookie cream]
Pre-dinner drink: 2 glasses of champagne
Dinner: 4 course Italian dinner (small portions to my liking though) - aragula and mozarella cheese thin crust pizza slice + couscous and vegetables (1/3 cup) + risotto with mushrooms and vegetables (1/3 cup) + blueberry and raspberry pie + icecream

Calories Consumed: better not counted!! :)
Workout: Ran 9mi at 5 mph, stretched! Wowza!! :)

Breakfast: Blackened chicken wrapped in tortilla with fresh vegetables [peppers, lettuce] and no dressing or sauce [200 cals]+ 1 cup french fries { :( } [250 cals] ; 1 vanilla shake [200 cals - did not eat/drink the whipped cream and ice-cream at the bottom]
Lunch: 1 cup Swiss chard dal [150 cals] and 1 cup rice [200 cals] with pickle on the side
Snack: 1 slice of yummy blackforest cake [leftover from mom's birthday!] [a zillion, but without the icicng - 300 cals]
Dinner: 3 chicken chapli kababs [made by Sunil] [500 cals??]; 1 grilled chicken breast [made by Vamsi] [150 cals]+ 2/3 cup rice [200 cals] and 2/3 cup dal [100 cals]
Drinks: 1 glass red wine [85 cals] + 1 glass of freshly made watermelon juice with no added sugar [50 cals]

Calories Consumed: 2435 cals!!!!!!!!!!!!
Workout: None

ATC June 30th- July 6th, run run run your course...

Have you guys noticed the more you workout the more you are HUNGRY.
I AM HUNGRY all the time!!!!
Check out these websites

Monday June 30th
Workout- Evening 3 mile run with Prash and Sunil
Breakfast - 7:30am- Herbal Tea and egg sandwich (2 slice of wheat bread, 1 boiled egg & slice of cheese)
Snack - 10:30am- Handful of almonds
Lunch - 4 square 2x2 slices of pizza(GARLIC, onion ;) sausage, vegetables)
Snack - Mini snack size pringle chips

Dinner - Veggie burger ( 2 slices of wheat bread, Veggie patty)
Tuesday, July 1st-
Workout- rest day (I think I pulled something yesterday around my ankle. So will take it easy and body to heal a bit)
Breakfast - 7:30am- Low Cal. cafe Mocha with protein and egg sandwich (2 slice of wheat bread, 1 boiled egg, slice of cheese & jam)
Snack -
Lunch -
Pasta soup and 1 Paneer Paratha
Snack -
Handful of almonds
Dinner - Cheese Fries and Pad Thai
Wednesday, July 2nd-
Workout- none....swollen ankle..:( :(
Breakfast - 7:30am- Cafe Mocha
Snack -
Lunch -
Left over pad thai
Snack -
Dinner - Chicken massamun curry with rice
Thursday, July 3rd-
Workout- none....swollen ankle..:( :(
Breakfast - 7:30am- Cafe Mocha and egg salad sandwich
Snack -
(there is a potluck at work today....cakes, pasta, lots of yummy food....have to control.....)
Lunch -

Snack -

Dinner -

Monday, June 30, 2008

Choco lover June 30th- July 6th

Monday June 30th- So I was going to do the 5 mile run on June 30th, but I realized after writing that in the evening I was going for a dinner outside as it was our anniversary, so I will have to make up for the 5 miles during the week:)! add 2 here and there:)!

Breakfast- 7:30am- 1 cup skim milk with bru coffee and sugar (80 cals + sugar 30 cals)
9 am- 1 cup dry Oatmeal with 1.5 tbl spoon walnuts, 2 to 3 tbl spoon raisins, 1/3 to 1/2 cup blueberries, few rasberries (350 cals?)
Snack-11:30pm- Fat free plain yogurt- 6oz- 80 cals
Lunch-12:45pm- salad - lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, brocolli, beet, carrots, 1/3 to 1/2 cup red kidney beans, 1/4 cup chickpeas, italian creamy dressing (1.5 tblspoon) (350 cals?)
Snack- Tall soya cappucino - 170 cals with 1.5 tbl spoon chocolate sprinkle (20 cals), splenda

Snack- 5 Parle G buiscuits (not necessary:), Indian chai with 1 sugar
Dinner- Chinese food at Yu's mandarin (great chinese food there!)- kung pao chicken- 2 cups maybe, schwezhwan fish filet- 4 inch by 3 inch, very less rice.
After dinner- Dark chocolate, and if I remember right- Cutsie soya icecream bar

Workout- None (Following BP's color coding!:)

Tuesday - July 1st
Breakfast- 8:00 am- 1 cup skim milk with bru coffee and sugar
9am- 1/2 cup dry Oatmeal with 1 tbl spoon walnurs, 2 tbl sp. raisins
10:30am- 1 yogurt with blueberries, rasberries
Lunch-12:am- skillet (maybe 2 to 3 eggs) with broccoli, spinach, green pepper, 7 to 8 wedges of red potatoes
After lunch- 2 to 3 hershey kisses, peppermint pattie chocolate( in all 100 cals)
Snack- coffee with some skim milk, little half and half
Snack- peach.
Before run snack- mid size banana, 3 dates, 3 walnuts
Dinner- baked Salmon( 4 inch by 2 inch), salad with lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, 1 tblspoon olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette
After dinner- cutsie soya icecream bar(100 cals), small dark chocolate piece

Workout- 4 mile run, stretched

Wednesday- July 2nd
Breakfast- 8:30 am- 1 cup skim milk with bru coffee and sugar
9:30am- 1 cup dry Oatmeal with 2 tbl spoon walnurs, 2 tbl sp. raisins

Lunch- 3 inch by 3 inch veggie sandwich kind of stuff (lunch at a meeting), 1 cup pasta with marinara sauce, some cheese, small portion salad with lettuce, red pepper, 1 wedge of tomato
After lunch- 2 small bites of chocolate (50 to 70 cals)
Snack- 3pm- Tall Soya latte with some 1.5 pump mocha
Snack- 5pm- Plain fat free Yogurt with blueberries and rasberries
After getting home- 6:30pm- 1/2 cup full milk with water, bru coffee and 1 sugar ** I love dairy products, but need to not go overboard** :-)
Dinner9:00pm- 4 inch circumference half pita with 2 stuffed grape leaves( stuffing- rice and veggies), lettuce, tomato, 1 falafel, 1 inch piece chicken, jeruselum salad dressing (tahini with cucumber and tomato), 2 tablespoons rice
After dinner- 1 small dark chocolate piece (55 cals)

Workout- None

Thursday July 3rd

Breakfast- 8:30 am- 1 cup skim milk with bru coffee and sugar ; 9:30am- 1 cup dry Oatmeal (1.5 cooked) with 2 tbl spoon walnuts, 2 tbl sp. raisins

Lunch,12:30pm- 1.5 to 2 cups wheat pasta with marina sauce, 1 cup salad with lettuce, little tomato pieces, olives

Snack, 2:00pm- Tall Soya milk latte, 2 tbl spoon chocolate sprinkle, splenda

Pre workout 3:45pm- mid size Banana

Post workout snack- 6:30pm- apple, palm size handful of peanuts

Dinner- 1 Pear fruit, Indian food- 2 cups of biryani rice, 2 biryani chicken pieces, 1.5 aaloo tikki, 1/4th puri type bread, 3 to 4 tbl spoon dal and 3 to 4 tblspoon aloo gobi sabji.

After dinner- 2 tblspoon Oberwise ice cream, 1 coffee with 1/2 cup -2% fat free milk, 2 teaspoon sugar

Workout- Ran 3 miles (2 miles at 5.7mph, 1 mile at 6mph), stretched, OPOC showed me her awesome strength physio exercises! Thanks OPOC!!

Friday July 4th

Brunch 11:00 am- 1 cup skim milk with coffee and 1 raw sugar, skillet with green peppers, onions, red peppers, 2 egg whites , 1 yolk and red potatoes, 1/2 orange

Other food eaten during the afternoon- 1 apple, 1 cup go lean kashi cereal with skim milk, blueberries, 2 or 3 dates with walnuts, 1 cup skim milk with coffee and 1 sugar,

Dinner- veggies( broccoli, carrots, tomato, celeray) and dip, 1 cup biryani rice and 1 egg, small bite of samosas( approx 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch), 3 alu wadis (spiral taro leafs with chickpeas masala with spices- now I am not sure if this was deep fried or stir fried:), 2 to 3 dhoklas, and ahem..1 rasmali piece and 3/4th gulab jamun piece.

Workout- None

Saturday July 5th

Pre workout snack- 1/2 banana

Post workout snack- soya nuts (which OPOC doesn't like:), strawberries, 1.5 inch piece of cookie, grapes

Brunch - 1 cup cooked Oatmeal with blueberries, walnuts, raisins, 1 cup skim milk with bru coffee and sugar

Afternoon snack-


Workout- Ran 9 miles (overall pace 12 min mile as we stopped during water stops, running at around 10.45 pace)