Friday, July 27, 2007

Suchi-July 27th


8:00 am 2% caramel Machaito (Tall) and 1 Reduced Fat Cinnamon Coffee Cake
1:00pm Chipotle Veggie Bowl. I did put Chees in it but NO Sour Cream.

OPoCCtGP's July 27th post


10:00 am - One M&M Kudos bar
11:00 am - Few chips
12:00 noon - Remaining half sandwich from yesterday's dinner
Blur - Rajma with rotis, pasta with fake meatballs and fresh basil. Strawberry icecream too.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Suchi-July 26th

Swati inspired me to write in.Thanks Swati.I do need the push!

7:00am 1 cup Coffee
9:00 am 1 bowl Dal
1:00pm Mushroom Artopita with Greek Salad ( emmenthal and Parmesan cheese).
4:00 pm 1 glass Juice

OPoCCtGP's July 26th post

8:30 am - 3 miles in the gym. :)

10:30 am - One Kashi granola bar pack
12:20 pm - One rice noodle soup bowl
3:30 pm - Small bowl koshambhir, one white and brown cookie, one chocolate chip cookie :(
6:20 pm - One watermelon 'tini
8:00 pm - Half a portabella sandwich with ciabatta bread, and chips

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OMG!!! Check out what they found out!

An SATC dialogue -> Are friends the new enemies?

Who knew? I always knew friends were really important, but turns out, even more important than spouses and siblings!

More reason to POST on Hotbreads!

OPoCCtGP's July 25th post

7:00 pm - Ran 6 miles. Yay!

8:30 am - Small cup of cherries, small glass of OJ
9:40 am - Small piece of danish
12:20 pm - One samosa, bowl of paneer manchrian, little bit of koshambhir
1:30 pm - One piece of dry fruit barfi
4:10 pm - Big bowl of cherries, two chocolate-chip cookies. :(
10:00 pm - Two rotis with rajma

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OPoCCtGP's July 24th post

8:00 am - Ran 3 miles @ Busse woods

7:40 am - One chocolate chip cookie
9:40 am - Two pieces (small) of Danish
12:40 pm - Rice (little) with paneer manchurian, big bowl of koshambhir
2:00 pm - One half&half cookie, one chocolate chip cookie
6:30 pm - Two thin rotis, serving of rajma and serving of navratan korma
9:00 pm - One small scoop of strawberry icecream

OPoCCtGP's July 22nd post

Ran, OK, completed, 12 friggin' miles! Ha!!

Who cares? I did 12 miles! :)