Friday, June 02, 2006

LoR's daily update - June 2nd

I see that our blog is pretty busy. It is in fact inspiring. Here's my log for today -

Workout - [about 50 crunches in the morning]

Breakfast: 2 idlis + one glass orange juice
Lunch: Salad [lettuce + tomato + cucumber + dressing]
Snack: Was starved but stupid vending machine wouldn't give me anything.. damn it!!
Dinner: Can't wait for it.... rushing home..

Have a great weekend girls.. don't eat anything I would not.. :D

CHIP - June 2nd

Breakfast - yogurt and a banana

Lunch - Subway 6" veggie sub - NO cheese. bag of baked lays

Dinner - whole grain pasta with marina sauce

Exercise - ZILCH!

Shake it Off - June 2nd

Breakfast - Oatmeal

Lunch - Turnip Greens, Orka and fresh fruit..

Dinner - Going out to dinner for my cousin's b-day and will probably eat
too much, have too many drinks but I will get back on track tomorrow(smile)...

FYI: Got up at 5:30am and did a mile on the track... This would be day 2....

High School Skinny here I come!!!!!

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Fri, Jun 2

A.M. - Nothing.

Breakfast - Cup of milk, 1 cup of honey nut cherios.
Lunch - Half a Buona Beef chopped salad with dressing on the side. Dinner sized bread roll. Kid size scoop (yay!) of Baskin Robbin's Baseball nut icecream.
Snack - Rest of the Buona Beef chopped salad.
Snack - 1 tsp. fruit and nut peel mix.
Dinner - Tom yum soup. Yum! Tofu with eggplant and rice.

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Thu, Jun 1

Ah. Lets just call it cheese day!


Gym - Didn't make it.
Volleyball - Practice for about 20 mins, then an hour long game, but I wasn't doing a whole lot during the game, though.

Breakfast - Didn't have anything.
Lunch - Pizza slices. Lots of them. OK, they were pizza squares, pizza cut up Chicago style, but I had two cheese and three veggie slices.
Snack - Jello chocolate pudding (sugar free).
Dinner I - One piece cheese pizza, one piece veggie pizza.
Dinner II - Three pieces cheese quesadilla.

I lost 1 LB - whoo hoo

I decided to weigh myself this morning (even though Shelly and I said our weigh in date is Wed) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I lost a lb.

Since coming back from India - I gained the 6 I lost there PLUS 3! So, I really am trying to lose 10 lbs (and I would actually love to lose 14 - but that's pushing it for me).

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Re: Indian Food

ChipAway and Shaker,

I'm gonna need help from the other brownies on this, coz I'm not so much of a cook, but here are the basic rules of thumb -
- Any creamy sauce is probably not good. :) - Just like with pasta. Often they have names like shahi and makhani (translation - royal and buttery), so that's a hint too.
- Paneer is the Indian version of cheese. So it tastes wonderful, and I'm known to go overboard with it, but less is more for the WorkoutGirls, if you know what I mean.
- Naan is the great bread! Like a pita bread, but softer. Its goood! :)
- Most South Indian food is healthy. LoR's recent breakfast - they're called idlis are like rice dumplings (don't know a better way to describe them) are mild flavoured, and the stew served with it (sambar) is chok full of good veggies and lentils. Good and good for you!

I'm too scared to contemplate caloric values of Indian desserts! I love them, but man, they're really sweet (read full of calories).

There's my input. :)

Indian Food

Hey gals - us white and black girls need help with some of the Indian food you eat! We would love to know the ingredients (and ensure it doesn't consist of 1 LB of sour cream and something really bad) HA!


LoR's daily update - June 1st

Workout - None. Woke up late and have some stuff to take care of in the evening, so maybe no workout in the evening too. Any ideas how I can squeeze in a quickie somewhere in the day?

Breakfast - 2 Idlies and half a glass of orange juice.
Lunch - [Bad bad bad] Spinach and Artichoke Dip [shared] Baker's Square Stir Fry Pita, French Fries [shared, but yes, I am shameful of the fact], Caramel Apple Pie [thats it, I know I am not forgiven!]
Dinner - 4 medium sized rotis & tomato curry with yellow cucumber

LoR's daily update - May 31

*slowly finding my way back"

Workout: 30 mins on treadmill

Breakfast - 2 idlis, half glass of orange juice
Lunch - Salad [lettuce, tomatoes, 1 boiled egg]
Snack - bag of salted cashews
Dinner - 3 rotis with lamb curry, 1 glass of milk

Miles to go before I sleep..

Shake it Off - June 1st

Good morning ladies...

I am proud to say that I was motivated enough to get up at 5:30 am and go for a long walk with my husband, Henry and I am feeling WONDERFUL.... Bikini Skinny here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast - 1 slice of toasted whole wheat raisin and a half a glass of OJ

Lunch - 'Skinny' sandwich from Potbelly, a few baked chips and water.

Dinner - Grilled Chicken Sandwich and a few fries (I know what you all are thinking but they were so good)...

Daily blogging

An administrator request. In your daily food/exercise report, please put in an identifier in the title, so we know whose daily report it is without having to go to the bottom to read the contributer's name.

CAAF - Thursday - June 1 daily entry

-Breakfast (meal 1) 8:30 - 1 slice of turkey bacon, 1/2 slice of whole grain toast with a spritz of "I can't believe it's not butter" 1/2 a banana

meal 2 10:30 - 1 slice of turkey bacon, 1/2 slice of whole grain toast with a spritz of "I can't believe it's not butter" 1/2 a banana java
Exercise - 1 hour brisk walk at lunch - i'm pooped. Seriously I am OUTTA shape.

Lunch 1:00 - meal 3 - crabmeat (2 strips) protein
half of a red potato - carb
Squirt of I can't believe its not butter.

Meal 4 - crabmeat (2 strips) protein half of a red potato - carb Squirt of I can't believe its not butter.

Meal 5 - turkey chili, 2 glasses of wine
Meal 6 - turkey chili

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31st - Shake it off

I am a first timer and I am pretty excited about losing some LBS!!!

Menu for today
Breakfast - Whole wheat raisin toast, a pat of margarine and half a glass of cranberry juice.

Lunch - Turnip greens with steamed orka, chicken breast cubes and water

Dinner - Turnip greens with steamed orka(love it) and whole grain rice with Shrimp and Chicken breast cubes...

Exercise - Now that is another story.... Time to do some sweating but not feeling the treadmill.. Having a hard time getting motivated to exercise but know it is a MUST in order to get BIKINI SKINNY for my cruise in October.....

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Wed, May 31

Cardio - Elliptical machine w/ handlebars. 30 mins. Reported burnt 300 cals.

Breakfast - 1 1/4 cup of honey nut cherios with milk.
Snack - A teaspoon of fruit and peel mix.
Lunch - Half a naan, 1/2 cup of mutter paneer, aloo sabzi.
Snack - A few walnut halves.
Dinner - Another bowl of honey nut cherios with milk! :)

Flaxseed oil

Hey - I've been taking a tablespoon of flaxseed oil every day for almost two weeks. Here is a link for some info on flaxseed and how beneficial it is for your health! You can purchase it at the local whole foods or health food store. Tootles!,1525,783,00.html#Health_Benefits

Wednesday 5/31

Exercise - I tried to get up this AM but slept horribly due to the heat (my home is like an oven). Will try to walk after dinner with wilson girls.

Breakfast - nothing. I know that is bad - i brought yogurt but wasn't hungry and didn't have a taste for it. I did have 3 cups of java! Not great I know!

Meal 2 - nothing
Meal 3 (lunch) salad that I made - includes the following: spinach salad, 1 half an egg, chic peas, peanuts, raisins, alfalfa, cucumber, peppercino peppers, jalapeno and topped with fat free dijon dressing (just a tad).

Snack - a bag of baked lays (so good without the guilt) and a diet coke.

Tonite I am going to dinner with Wilson girls. so I'm allowing myself a margarita. My goal is to get the grilled tuna salad which is DELICIOUS and eat only half. I am also going to allow myself 4 tortilla chips dipped in salsa. I hope I can stop at 4. I will report back later.
I did good at tonite's dinner. I had only 2 chips! Unfortunately I did eat all of my grilled tuna but I'm still happy about the chips. The grilled tuna consisted of:
Grilled tuna (ha)
Spring salad
feta cheese
avacodo slices
roasted red peppers
It's delich.
Also had a cup of coffee.
Did not eat after 8:00. YIPPEE

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Tue, May 30

Triceps - Close Grip Bench. 25 lb (wooo hooo!) bar, 1 set of 15. 25 lb bar + 5 lbs. 1 set of 12. Lying Triceps Extensions. 25 lb bar. 3 sets of barely 10 each. :) Pushdowns. 40 lbs on machine. 3 sets of 12.
Biceps - Standing Barbell Curls. 25 lb bar. 3 sets of 12. Preacher Curls. 25 lb bar. 2 sets of 12. 30 lb bar. Barely 8. :)Dumbbell Curls. 10 lb in each hand. 3 sets of 12 for each.
Abs - Knee Extensions on Bench. 2 sets of 12. Curlup. 2 sets of 12. Knee Raises. 1 set of 12. Barely 8 next set.
Rock Climbing - Stood around on my ass pretty much. :) Maybe 3 minutes of actual climbing.

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cherios with 150 (!) ml milk.
Snack - Cup of fresh diced pineapple.
Lunch - Frozen TJ enchiladas. Small jello swirl.
Snack - Cup of dry honey nut cherios. 1 TLC granola bar.
Dinner - Half a naan, 1 cup of mutter paneer.

LoR's update for the weekend

Saturday, Sunday, Monday [the days are all a blur]

Workout: 30 mins of running on treadmill
30 mins of walking outdoors
[and yes, that is cumulative for all three days!!]

It is better if I list it not.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? More seriously, will I fit through the tunnel?

Tuesday - May 30

Breakfast (meal 1) 8:30

Oatmeal (slow cook which is the best) with blueberries
1 strip of turkey bacon
coffee - gotta have my java!

Snack (meal 2) 10:30
Same as breakfast (just cut breakfast in half to make two small portions)

Exercise: 45 minute walk by the lake at lunch (I'm so hot!)

Lunch (meal 3) 1:00
- turkey chili (homemade with love ;)

Snack (meal 4) 3:00
-turkey chili (homemade with love)

Dinner (meal 5)
Smothie (1 cup of skim milk, Frozen banana and 1 tspn of peanut butter)

Meal 6 - homemade salsa (large can of tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, garlic and an onion)
yes I ate it with a spoon!

1 cup of coffee around 7:30.
My goal was to not eat after 8 and I did it!

Monday, May 29, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Mon, May 29

Cardio - Bicycling outside for about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cherios with milk.
Snack - McDonald's grape, walnut and apple salad w/ yogurt dressing.
Snack - Four cinnamon sugar pretzel stix from Aunt Annie's.
Lunch - Potato wedges, Boca veggie burger, cookie.
Snack - 1/2 cup coffee, two cinnamon suger pretzel stix.
Dinner - Tortilla chips and guac, bowl of honey nut cherios with milk (it was late, I was hungry!)

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Sun, May 28

None. At. All.

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cherios.
Costco's - Sample serving of ice cream with choc syrup (size must really be the amount of ice cream one should eat!), sample of their 7 layer taco dip.
Snack - Small vanilla coolata from DD.
Lunch - 5 (yup, five!) chocolate chip cookies.
Snack - Tortilla chips and guacamole.
Dinner - Mixed greens salad with tomatoes, snap peas and walnuts w/ balsamic vinegar, Boca grilled veggie patty and a glass of desert wine.