Friday, March 28, 2008

OPoCCtGP's Fri, Mar 28th blog.


11:30 am: Bag of 100 cal Girl Scout Cookie cinnamon cookies.
12:30 pm: Large bowl of roasted red pepper soup, one veggie burger w/ Maggi chilli sauce, 1 cup of strawberries.
3:00 pm: 1 cup of strawberries, 1 Oreo.
4:15 pm: 1 1/2 Bosc pears.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Momentum's Day 1

Breakfast 9:30 am- Methi dal and rice, milk with bournvita
Lunch 1:30 pm- 1 Amy’s Mexican Bowl, 1 Nature’s valley trail mix bar
Snack 5 pm- 20 mini pretzels
Dinner 8 pm- 2 chapatis, beans subzi, dal, rice

Two small pieces of Cadbury's Dairy Milk

Workout: 31 mins at 1.0 incline, 2 miles 203 calories

Yay for me!!

OPoCCtGP's Thu, Mar 27th blog.


Breakfast (9:00 am): Remaining half of sandwich from last night. Yum.
Lunch (2:40 pm): Half a pita bread (90 cals), 2 or 3 tablespoons of hummus, roasted red pepper soup.
Snack (5:00 pm): Pomegranate juice(136 cals).
Snack (6:30 pm): Cup of Kellogg's K cereal w/ chocolate chips w/ 1% milk, one light mini babybel cheese.
Dinner (8:00 pm): 1/2 cup refried beans (probably refried in butter - yum!), scant 1/4 cup Spanish rice, one tomato, one avocado, one veggie grilled burger.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Dinner with hubby at 8 pm
1 bowl sliced english cucumber
Two small bowls of methi dal
Two chapatis
1/2 puran poli

Will have a cup of decaf tea before sleeping.

Jillian says ....

Get-Fit Seven Tips!

I have a plan!!

I have a plan towards achieving my goal to run my first 5K race ever on April 26th 2008!! Will keep updating my progress here!

OPoCCtGP's Wed, Mar 26th blog.

Laying down leg lifts: 5 lbs each foot, 30 reps each leg.
Laying down outer thigh lifts: 5 lbs each foot, 30 reps each leg.
Laying down inner thigh lifts: 5 lbs each foot, 30 reps each leg.
Laying down knees at 90 degree kick ups: 5 lbs each foot, 30 reps each leg.
Laying down ITB stretching: 5 lbs each foot, 30 reps each leg.
Walking lunges: 12 x 4
Sidesteps with band: 56 x 3, each side
Step across board with 3 risers: didn't count. :)
Abs on stability ball: 12 x 2

If I'd known I was gonna keep track, I would've eaten better. :)
Breakfast (9:30 am): Bowl of honey bunches of oats with 1% milk, 1 cup of black tea.
Pre lunch (11:20 pm): Bag of 100 cal cookies
Lunch (12:00 noon): 2 cups of green tea, atleast 8 veggie sushi rolls (no cream cheese! just rice and veggies), some strawberries.
Post lunch (2:00 pm): Four more veggie sushi rolls. :(
Miscellaneous: Ginger chocolates, two Biscoff cookies. Some more tea.
Dinner (6:30 pm or so): Cup of split pea soup (vegetarian!!!) and half a slice of sourdough bread with butter, and half a grilled veggie sandwich on herb-onion focaccia bread w/o aioli at CPK. Avoided temptation for dessert. Yay!

A's running a 5k!

And what a perfect time to start keeping track of foods and workouts again?