Friday, June 22, 2007

Kitty's June 22 Friday

Breakfast- 1 cup of Horlicks (2%) and a fruit parfait from corner bakery
Lunch- 1 Bombay Chicken salad from Cosi (it was good with bits of tandoori chicken, I requested the peppercorn ranch dressing on the side ;-)
Snack - Matcha green tea blast from JJ( size - sixteen)
Dinner- chole , pav bhaji with 4 pavs , side of yoghurt and 2 gulab jamuns! (weekend is here! :)

OPoCCtGP's June 22nd post


10:00 am - Cup of honey bunches of oats with fresh blueberries and half a cup of 2% milk
12:00 noon - Cup of tom yum soup, one vegetarian egg roll and half my serving of tofu panang curry with white rice.
6:45 pm - Salad with some shredded cheese

Am sure I'm forgetting a lot of other stuff I ate. :(

Suchi: Friday June 22nd!

There is an excellent reason for me not writing these past few days! There is such good and fatty food that it is humanly impoosible for me to resist all this food! As Chitty Chitty Bang Bang says: its tryly scrumptious!!!!!!! My plan is to control once everyone has left for India!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

OPoCCtGP's June 21st post

8:00 am - Ran 4 miles in Busse woods. Some walking, not much. :)

12:00 pm - One grilled cheese sandwich with sauteed mushrooms in it.
2:30 pm - Large bowl of diced canteloupe
3:45 pm - Special K bar
5:30 pm - Something Asia bowl of shitake mushroom soup with my own sauteed mushrooms
6:15 pm - Medium non fat decaf iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

OPoCCtGP's June 20th post

None. :(

8:30 am - One small glass OJ, one cup Kellog's special K chocolate cereal with half cup 2% milk.
12:30 pm - Remnants of Chipotle's veggie bol, half a bowl of fresh diced pineapple.
4:30 pm - Lots of Honey Maid Grahams chocolate sticks and one Kellog's Special K Bar
7:40 pm - Bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kitty's Tuesday June 19

Breakfast- 8 AM 1 cup of horlicks with (2%) milk
Contd breakfast at work- 1 cup of swiss oatmeal with cranberries, low fat yoghurt, oatmeal

Lunch- after all the destruction over the weekend decided to pay for my sins by eating a Greek salad with strips of chicken. It was yummy!

Dinner- leftovers! 2 chapatis with the baingan- aloo sabzi and a cup of yoghurt on the side

OPoCCtGP's June 19th post

8:00 am - Ran 3 miles @ Busse woods. Walked briefly. :(

10:15 am - One cup of honey bunches of oats with two handfuls of fresh blueberries with about 150 ml of milk (my bottle has the markings!)
12:10 pm - One bowl of the prepackaged noodles and soup - shitake mushroom, added my own sauteed mushrooms :), large bunch of red grapes
4:30 pm - Large bowl of fresh diced pineapple
6:00 pm - Half a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle. Went easy on the rice after hearing about the butter in it. :) So, wasn't as tasty. Haha. One vanilla bean lite frappicuno - medium.

Yay for us!!

Girls, its great to see all of us on the blog. We can do it now that we have each other to encourage, and ofcourse, we can now get encouragement too. :) Just had to share how excited I am! :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

LoR - Another week!! - June 18ths

Breakfast - nothing :(
Lunch - wheatgrass shot [from Jamba Juice for the curious-minded] + original size smoothie from JJ too [strawberry, banana, mango, peach or some such fruits.. it was delicious!]
Dinner - Egg tomato curry + rice

LoR Weekend pigout

Too late, but nevertheless..

Saturday: Father's day hit a day early in our part of the city..
Lunch: Sauteed green beans, potstickers, dumpling noodle soup, chicken satay, chcolate brownie + icecream, strawberry shortcake
Dinner: lamb chops, chicken curry, naan

Nice brunch with pancake and scrambled eggs + orange juice
Mirchi pakora + chutney + mango lassi
Lentil soup

Kittys Monday June18th

Breakfast - 1 cup of milk (2%) with Horlicks and a roasted almond flavored granola bar
Lunch - was craving noodles so had to go with Panda express, noodles with kung pao chicken and chicken with potatoes. Did not finish it so dont feel that bad..:-)
Snack time- Matcha green tea blast from JJ (size- sixteen)
Dinner - 4 chapatis with Brinjal potato masala, a cup of yoghurt on the side

Kitty's Sunday

Breakfast- 1 cup of Silk soy milk
Lunch - Chipotle chicken burrrito..(Love thier lemon flavored rice)
Snack attack at 5 PM- Cold stone creamery ( it was perfect ice cream weather/:->..) shake (flavor - cake n shake) in thier smallest size (like it!)
Dinner - Rice with kozhambu and beans , 3/4 th or a pear

Kitty's weekend sins

Saturday June 16th
Brekfast- 1 cup o' Silk soy milk
Lunch- rice with beans curry and kozhambu ( thaaat is such a deadly combo!)
Dinner- it was a feast .totally pigged out..paneer masala, chicken kabab ( was the best of the lot!) , veg biryani
1 scoop of chocolate ice cream (edy's brand) in a cone.
Desert- 2 rounds of red wine - merlot (total amount was about 1/2 of a regular glass )

OPoCCtGP's June 18th post


9:30 am - One cup of honey bunches of oats with half a cup of milk and half a bowl of fresh blueberries
11:00 am - One tootsie roll
12:30 pm - Half a focaccia bread veggie sandwich with pesto and cheese and some fruit
3:15 pm - One bunch of red grapes, large bowl of sauteed mushrooms
6:30 pm - One veggie burger patty, one cup of tomato soup, slice of cheese and 3 pieces of blueberry-cranberry crunch

OPoCCtGP's June 17th post


9:00 am - Vegan chocolate cupcake with huge mound of white frosting with a cup of milk
10:00 am - Upma with chutney
1:00 pm - Salad with miso dressing and some grapes
6:00 pm - Other half of the seitan barbecue sandwich

Suchi: Sinful Sunday!

I am not even going to bother to write what I ate! It was a Sinful Fathers day. It involved Chocolate Cake, Mithai,Kheer and all the freakin sweets in the world!;) Lets hope Monday is better.