Friday, November 16, 2007

OPoCCtG's Journal - Nov 16th, 2007

None again

10:00 am - One slice pizza, two bowls of फिरनी (w/o too much sugar)
3:00 pm - Half a पराठा, आलू गोभी, छोले, and पलक पनीर. and one गुलाब जामुन।
6:30 pm - Half a cup of छोले
8:30 pm - Side of steamed veggies w/o butter, Asian salad w/ dressings on the side.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

OPoCCtG's Journal - Nov 15th, 2007

None yet.

9:45 am - Two पूरी with पलक पनीर
12:15 pm - Two पूरी with पलक पनीर, some चुंदा and मिठाई
3:50 pm - One large bowl of veggie soup, one piece मलाई मिठाई
9:00 pm - Two slices of cheese pizza

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OPoCCtG's Journal - Nov 14th, 2007


9:40 am - Bowl of frosted mini wheats with 1% organic milk
12:15 pm - Two methi parathas with chunda, one eggless mango pastry
3:55 pm - One cup kheer (getting my dairy and grain in my system - in a wonderful disguise, ofcourse!)
7:00 pm - Two slices of white bread with five soy-meatballs w/ marinara sauce
7:30 pm - One piece of mithai
10:45 pm - One half of thick paratha with some palak-paneer