Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OPoCCtGP's Food and Workout Diary - Oct 31

Booo!! Its Halloween! Time to declare I scared myself with my dessert-almost-binging and eating this weekend. Its called control, OPoCCtGP! Thus, I begin another cycle of food diary and documenting. Though, being utterly embarrassed about my breakfast, I begin documentation of my intakes only post-lunch...

Food :
Lunch (a bit after noon)
- 6" Veggie Delite Subway sandwich with jalapeno cheese, giardiniera, and vinegar. Mmmm...
- About 1/2 cup of pineapple pieces.
Around 2:00 pm
- One 100 cal Chips Ahoy pack.
- One 100 cal Oreo cookie pack.
Around 3:30 pm
- One large cup of Aveda comforting tea.
Around 5:30 pm
- Lots of pieces of roasted potatoes while driving
Around 6:30 pm
- Bowtie pasta with broccoli and cheese and marinara sauce
- Potatoes
Around 8:00 pm
- Two large lumps of almond chocolate clusters
- A few sips of wine

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

LoR's update - Week 3

Continuation of week 3.

The Zen of workout - What starts out bad, usually most often ends the same way!!

Thursday - no workout - food ok - $1
Friday - no workout - food ok - $1
Saturday - no workout - food ok - 1 homemade dessert - $1
Sunday - 50 minutes on treadmill between 4 and 4.5 mph - food ok - but dessert again - $1

Contribution = $4.

Total so far = $3 + $8 + $4 = $15!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Days 15 to 22 - Week 3.

Worked out five days this week! Running for 30 mins on 4 days, at 5.5 mph and then 45 mins on the 5th day, again at 5.5 mph. A new personal high! One of these days, I'll get even faster!

Getting better. Also a little dejected at how tough it is to lose the poundage. But, slow and steady wins the race. :) Discovered Skinny Cow desserts. And they're gooooood. :) And relatively guilt free.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

LoR's update!

Week 2 has been bad. I mean BAD!! But I anticipated this. [Isnt that supposed to make it better?!]

Worked out for 2 days and ate healthy for 3 days. The rest of the week was a jolly ride downhill. So here goes the contribution:

$3 for not working out the rest of the three days.
$2 for eating rice twice during the same day for two days [Friday and Sunday]
$1 for eating french fries [Saturday]

Week 3 has been not very good so far.
No workout so far and it is already Thursday, so $1 even if I workout for the rest of the week.
$1 for eating rice twice on the same day [yesterday].

Total contribution: $8 [and counting...]

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP - Day 14 to Day 16. :) Sept 4 to Sept 6.

A.M. - Have been running each morning for about 28 mins or so at 5.5 mph. Yay!!! Take a two-minute rest in between sometime, so total time is 30 mins.

Not too hot. Too many temptations and cannoli cream detours. I found one thing that might work though. :) To make myself stop eating something, I'm going to imagine it going and settling straight into my cellulite. Yeah! That stopped me from eating my fourth cookie this morn. Lets see if I can stick to this PoA.

Money Contribution
For week 3 of the PuBaSWoP - none as yet! Yay!! :) Past week, I'm going to give in $10 for not working and eating like an idiot. So totally, my contribution has been $14. :(

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 29 - Tuesday

Workout - 30 minutes on treadmill between 4-4.5 mph [see, I am getting better, one baby step at a time!]

Food -
Breakfast - Idli (2) + chutney
Lunch - donut + bag of chips -> $1 to the fund!
Dinner - Biriyani + Raita + Paneer Curry + Chicken pakoras [reasonable portions, though! :)]

Total contribution so far: $3

Damn Fund! (Pardon my French!) as of Aug 30th.

LoR, BP,

I'm still sick. No workout today either. Its Wednesday. And it shows. So, another $2 in the fund from me. :( I suck. I felt better last night, so went to bed around 10:30, but just could not get up this morn. Tonight maybe bed at 9:00 will help?

Anyway, here's the final total (I think)
OPoCCtGP - $4
LoR - $2
BP - $1

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 28 - Monday

Workout -
Ran for 30 minutes 4-4.5 mph on treadmill

Food -
Breakfast: 2 idlis + chutney; glass of orange jiuce
Lunch: Salad [ate three forkfuls and accidentally dropped the plate on the floor, cafeteria closed by then]; bag of animal crackers [250 cals, 35 from fat]
Dinner: 1 cup of rice + 1 cup tomato rasam/soup + half a corn-on-the-cob

So far doing good for the week. But this week has only 4 days for me, so there goes my $1 contribution into the fund already.

Monday, August 28, 2006

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - End of day 7, i.e. Week ONE

LoR - had I told you what my goal was when we began the PuBaSWoP? It was to lose 6 lbs by Sept 30th. And that weight was with my jeans on. :) That was 1 lb each week. Looks like I'm close to target for my first week. Though the amount of cake and frosting I had yesterday will show up in the scale tomorrow. :( But so far, lost 1 lb. Also lost $1 for 4/7 workout days and $1 for pigging on aforementioned cake. Yay! Can't enjoy the woods though. Miles to go before I sleep. :)

LoR's daily update - Weekend - Ganapathi Bappa Moriya!! :)

No workout as such, but danced for > 30 mins, walked for > 2 miles. If this does not count, then I am donating $1 for the fund! :|

Breakfast: idli(2) + chutney
Snack: Two sandiches with cheese, mayo and green chutney in the middle
Lunch: Bombay Chicken Salad at Cosi + loaf of bread
Dinner: Dahi Aloo Poori (4 spoonfuls) + naan + lamb curry (2 spoonfuls) + paneer curry(2 spoonfuls)
{basically the food sucked big time, hence only spoonfuls of each!}
Dessert: Ice cream!!

Workout: Ran for 60 minutes on treadmill between 3.5 and 4 mph.

Breakfast: idli

Lunch: Festival food!!!!!!!! *
Dinner: Festival food!!!!!!!!

* -
nothing can be counted against the pledge because, well, it is for the good of mankind that I ate all of that! :D

PS: Okay, so I donate $2 to the fund!

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Day 5, Saturday, Aug 26th

Treadmill. 45 mins. 15 mins at 5 mph. 15 mins at 5.5 mph. 1.5 mins rest by walking at 3.5 mph. 15 mins at 5 mph. Yay!! Could feel it in my ankles. :) When I wanted to give up, I was inspired by the swimmers on TV.

Not sooo hot. But could be worse. :) Had small portions of dessert instead of full sized ones. Yay!!!

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Day 4, Day 6 and Day 7 - Friday (Aug 25th), Sunday (Aug 27th) and Monday (Aug 28th)

No workout!!!

Money Donated: $1 !!!

Worked out four days out of the past seven. Missed one day!! :^(

Saturday, August 26, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 25 - Friday

Workout - 35 minutes of elleptical at an avg speed of 8.8

Food -
Breakfast - idlis - 2
Lunch - Baja Fresh Chicken Salad [only bad part was deep fried flautas], handful of chips + salsa
Dinner - Rotis (2) + Chicken Tikka Masala [home made, so no cream in it]
Dessert - kesari [mom insisted - so thats the dessert for the week, any more and I start donating to the fund]

Friday, August 25, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 24 - Thursday

Obviously, I did not work out on wednesday, but I still have the rest of the week to make up.

45 minutes of treadmill between 3.5 and 4 mph. a few squats [did not count]

No breakfast !
Lunch - Panera Bread portobella and mozzarella half sandwich + tuscan veggie soup
Dinner - Rotis (2) + Rajma curry [lots of it :)]

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Day 3

P.M. - About 30 mins of volleyball. Broke out a sweat!

Nothing too bad. :)

Money Earned

Thursday, August 24, 2006

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Day 2

P.M. - 30 mins of running on the treadmill at 5.0 mph. Yay!

Don't remember all. But relatively healthy.

Money Earned
$1. :^)

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Day 1

A.M. - Running for 45 mins. 15 mins at 4.5 mph, 30 mins at 5.0 mph.
P.M. - Rock climbing, active for about 1/2 an hour.

Didn't go nuts. :^)

Money earned
$1. :^)

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan


Your post is inspiring me to come up with my plan too.

I am at the highest weight I have been in TWO years.

At this point, my aim is to reach my goal weight (with my jeans) by Sept. 30th, 2006. (After that, the cellulite busting plan!)

My 5-day, 30 minute minimum in a week plan stays.

The first two weeks, I am going to do only aerobic activities. After that I will incorporate weights into my program as well. But first, only aerobic activities.

I am not going to be able to limit my desert intake to twice a week or so. I know myself. I would binge then. So I'm going to eat them when I want, as long as it is a decept proportion. :^). Really.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 22 - Tuesday

Day 1 after the taking the pledge -

Workout - 20 minutes of Eleptical
20 minutes of Rock climbing
3 sets of 20 sit-ups

Food -
did not break the rules.... yet!! ate healthy!! [feeling lazy to list everything, you have to take my word for it!!]

$1 remains in pocket. :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

PuBaSWoP - LoR's Pledge!

5 days a week - monday through sunday - with at least 30 minutes of workout not including stretches and warm-up. cardio, aerobic, weights, anything counts

rice - once a day only limited to one cup [small/med cup as in chinese restaurants]

any kind of desserts - limited to once a week [and ok, once a weekend]

french fries, potato chips - out [until plan ends]

other deep fried foods - limited to once a week. if I am on the verge of dying then maybe twice.

I hope I dont get sued for plagiarizing someone else's gif file. I thought it was cute.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Thu, Aug 10

Cardio - Elliptical machine w/ handlebars. 45 mins. Apparently burned about 480 cals.
Volleyball - One hour of light sand volleyball - baby steps. :^)

A.M. - 1 1/4 cup soy milk with 2 handfuls frosted mini wheats.

Noon - One paper chinese container of penang tofu and white rice.

Afternoon - Three pieces of fruit chocolate, five cinnamon-sugar pita chips. Large cup of tea. Some more cinnamon-sugar pita chips.

P.M. - Cup of soymilk with 2 handfuls of frosted mini wheats. Half a quesedialla. (yay!). A couple of chips and salsa. One strawberry shot.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Wed, Aug 9

Legs! Legs!! Legs!!!
3 sets of 10 morning glory - 40 lb bar.
3 sets of 12 squats - 40 lb bar + 20 lb weights.
3 sets of front-bar squats - 40 lb bar.
2 sets of leg press - 90 lb on machine.
3 sets of 10 walking lunges - 15 lb in each hand.
3 sets of 10 leg extensions - 15 lb each leg on machine.
3 sets of 10 leg curls - 25 lb total on machine.
3 sets of 8 seated calf raises - 35 lbs.

Abs! Abs!! Abs!!!

3 sets of 12 reverse curls.
3 sets of 9 knee raises.
3 sets of 12 rope pulls - 40 lb on machine.

A.M. -
1 cup of soy milk, 2 cups of frosted mini wheats. Four pieces of fruit chocolate.

Noon - Salad of quart ziploc of baby spinach leaves, one large bosc pear, about six candied walnuts, little blue cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Afternoon - Three pieces of fruit chocolate. A few cinnamon sugar pita chips. 3/4 bowl of cherries.

P.M. - Three pieces of fruit chocolate. Bowl of pasta. Slice of cheese cake.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 7 - Monday

I had:
Breakfast - forgot to eat. with sky-soaring daal prices mom decided not to make idlis anymore. was asked to eat a breakfast bar. end result - 'forgot' to eat.

Lunch - so I was starving by then that I could have eaten a horse, cafeteria did not serve horse, so I make did with - 1 cup tortilla chicken soup and 1 serving of mexican rice.

Dinner - Minestrone soup [small cup], White bread [1 loaf], lasagna [half serving]

Workout - stairs - 30 minutes. ok, so it wasnt in the gym, but it still counts!!

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Tue, Aug 8

18 mins on elliptical. Had a serious bout of stomach cramps and couldn't continue. :^(
Rock climbing. Some climbing, lots of falling.

A.M. - 1 cup of soymilk with 1 1/2 cups of frosted mini wheats.

Noon - 1 cup tom yum soup, 1 veggie eggroll, 2 cups of white rice and tofu panang.

Afternoon - Lots of cinnamon-sugar pita chips.

P.M. - Chips and homemade guacamole, small slice of cheese cake.

Monday, August 07, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Mon, Aug 7

The weekend shall be forgotten... Every Monday is a new beginning...

A.M. - Cup of soymilk with cup of frosted mini wheats, handful of trail mix. Teeny sliver of fruit pastry thingy.

Noon - Baby spinach salad with one bosc pear, a couple of (heaped) tablespoons of blue cheese, some candied walnuts (OK, many) and balsamic vinegar. Small slice of cherry cheesecake.

Afternoon - Large cup of Aveda tea, one large Fanny May heart, another fistful of trail mix, cinnamon-sugar pita chips. More pita chips.

P.M. - 1 1/2 cups of pasta, couple of chips, three or so tablespoons of guacamole. Small, teeny weeny slice of cheesecake. Lots of cherry topping though.

Friday, August 04, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Fri, Aug 4

A.M. - One jordan almond, half a large guava, three bites of chocolate-bar masquerading as a granola bar. I gave it up, yay! One large cup of tea. Five wheat thins. Five cinnamon-sugar pita chips.

Mid-day - 1 1/2 cups of pasta with veggies, 1/2 cup of cherries. Ten cinnamon-sugar pita chips.

Afternoon - One large Fannie Mae heart. One cup of soymilk with cereal. Handful of trail mix.

After that - Forgot. :(

Thursday, August 03, 2006

OPoCCtGP's back!!!

OK, enough is enough. Too many weeks of absence. Too many weeks of gluttony. Too many weeks of cinnamon-sugar pita chips, of icecream, of cartons of shrikhand, of containers of cannoli. It shows. Only too well. Am back ON the bandwagon. Even if no one else is around or cares - I'm keeping track of what I eat! Time to take care of my body! Time to get back in the gym!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

4PDD - June 21st

Calories Burnt - 475 (elliptical - 2.4 miles - 275 cal, stairs - .88 miles - 100 cal, rowing - 100 cal)

Calories intake
1. almonds - 3 - 20 cal
2. dosas with chutney - 2 - 220 cal
3. cherries - 1 1/2 cups - 180 cal
4. spinach rice - 1 cup - 270 cal
5. sprouts - 1 table spoon - 10 cal
6. green tea - 32 Oz - zero cal
7. apple - 1 - 100 cal
8. cheerios - 1/2 cup - 40 cal
9. cookie - 1 - 55 cal
10. mango - 1/2 - 60 cal
11. halwa - 1/2 slice - 300 cal
12. banana - 1/4th - 20 cal
13. cereal bar and nuts - 1 - 260 cal
14. roti - 1 - 80 cal
15. dal - 1/2 cup - 50 cal
16. curry - 1/2 cup - 50 cal

Net calories = 1715 - 475 = 1240

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

4PDD - June 20th

Calories Burnt - 500 (walked for 3.5 miles)

Calories intake

1. almonds - 3 - 20 cal
2. dosas with chutney - 2 - 220 cal
3. cherries and berries - 1 1/2 cups - 180 cal
4. rice - 1 1/2 cup - 300 cal
5. dal - 3/4th cup - 120 cal
6. green tea - 32 Oz - zero cal
7. snake gourd - 1/2 cup - 100 cal
8. cheerios - 1/2 cup - 40 cal
9. honey and lemon water - 8 oz - 20 cal
10. mango - 1/2 - 60 cal
11. halwa - 1/2 slice - 300 cal
12. banana - 1 byte - 20 cal
13. spinach rice - 1 1/2 cup - 400 cal
14. raitha - 1/2 cup - 50 cal

Net calories = 1830 - 500 = 1330

4PDD June 19th

Calories Burnt - 500 (walked for 3.5 miles)

Calories intake

1. almonds - 3 - 20 cal
2. dosas with chutney - 3 - 320 cal
3. grapes - 1 1/2 cups - 150 cal
4. rotis - 2 - 160 cal
5. okra - 3/4th cup - 100 cal
6. green tea - 32 Oz - zero cal
7. rice - 1 1/2 cup - 300 cal
8. dal - 1 cup - 160 cal
9. snake gourd - 1/2 cup - 100 cal
10. karachi halwa - 1/2 slice - 300 cal
11. cheerios - 1/2 cup - 40 cal
12. mango - 1/2 - 60 cal
13. banana - 1 byte - 20

Net calories = 1730 - 500 = 1230

Monday, June 19, 2006

4pdd June 16th - 18th


Workout - Zero
Food - 2 Cups of Fried Rice, 1 Cup of white rice, 1/2 cup dal, 1/2 cup veggie curry, 1 Samosa, 1/2 veg puff and 2 Kaju Sweets


Workout - Zero (Walked for more than 2-3 hrs around nursery's shopping for plants)
Food - 1/2 choco bar ice cream ..hand dipped in nuts, 3 puris, 2 rava dosas, 1 1/2 cup veggie curry, 1 cup rice, 1 dahi vada, 1 cup kadi and 10 cherries


Workout - Zero (Did 5-6 hrs of gardening planting shrubs)
Food - 1/2 slice of karachi halwa, 3 dosas, 2 rotis, 1/2 dal, 1/2 cup veggie curry, 10 grapes, 1 big bowl of dry fruits and nuts custard

I am gonna try 1500 calorie diet from Monday onwards...so got to track my intake and burnt calories count.

LoR's update for the weekend - June 17-18

Biked outdoors for 45 minutes
Ran on treadmill at 4mph for 30 minutes [2 miles]
Weights & crunches


Saturday -
Breakfast - Idlies + chutney
Lunch - Rice + curry
Dinner - Upma

Sunday -
Breakfast - none [well, woke up around 11:30 AM :) ]
Lunch - Dosa
Dinner - Rice + Schezwan Chicken + chilly Chicken + noodles
Junk - Pastry from Hot Breads!!

All in all, not too bad a weekend. :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

4PDD - June 12th - 15th


Exercise - Walked for 2 miles
Food - Fried Rice, Mango Halwa, 2 rotis and curry, cup of cereal and 100 cal snack bag


Exercise - Walked for 3.6 miles, 2.4 miles on elliptical
Food - Mango Halwa, 2 rotis and curry, rice and dal, 100 cal snack bag and Green tea


Exercise - attended yoga class
Food - 2 rotis and curry, rice and curry, fried rice, one scoop of ice cream


Exercise - ZERO
Food - Chinese fried rice with garlic sauce and vegetables, cheerios, 1 cup of rice and curry, 2 kaju katli sweets and 1/2 scoop of ice cream

4PDD - June 9th - 11th

Exercise - ZERO
Food - Ate all junk, to name a few ....black eyed beans vadas, mango halwa, ice cream etc..etc..

OPoCCtGP's ahem, weekly report - Mon, Jun 12 - Fri, Jun 16

I'm baaach....


Monday - Elliptical, 45 mins, level 8.
Tuesday - Rock climbing.
Wednesday - Elliptical, 45 mins, level 8 (weak spirited though!).
Thursday - Stood around at volleyball.
Friday - None, probably.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LoR's daily update - June 12 & 13 [Mon and Tue]

Run - 2 miles on treadmill at 4 mph

Breakfast - 2 idlies + chutney; 1 glass orange juice
Lunch - Salad
Dinner - Pita bread + falafel

Rock Climbing - 2 good climbs resulting in lot of sweat and sore fingers and fore arms
Crunches - 50
Weights - Biceps - 3 sets of 11 reps each
Aerobics - 1 hour

Breakfast - 1 idli + chutney; 1 glass orange juice
Lunch - Korean Hotpot + fish cakes + green tea
Dinner - Roti + curry

Monday, June 12, 2006

LoR's update for the weekend and week - June 5-11th

I have been quite bad at logging over the last week.. but I have to blame it on my dad who totally usurped by laptop!! [Remind me not to use this excuse.. err reason again! :) ]

Workout -
Run on treadmill: 2 + 1 + 3 = 6 miles
Weights: 10 pbs, 3 sets, 15 reps each - 2 times in the week
Crunches: 70 + 50 + 50 + 50
Rock Climbing: just two measly climbs, but I was sweating and felt sore the next day.

Food -
Breakfast: 2 idlis + chutney [almost every day] + orange juice.
Lunch: Salad - 3 times; Thai veggies + rice + soup + iced tea - 1; Chicken stuffed croissant + Samosa chat - 1 time; Temple food [pongal + curd rice] - 1 time; Biriyani + chicken curry - 1 time.
Dinner: Roti + curry - 4 times; 4 Idlis - 1 time; Kung Pao noodles with chicken - 1 time; Tomato Soup + Upma - 1

Let the week begin!! :)

Friday, June 09, 2006

4PDD-June 7th and 8th

8th June

Exercise: 30 mins on elliptical, 40 mins step class, 50 crunches

meal 1: 2 ildly's with chutney and 5 lychees
meal2: veggie thai fried rice(lunch serving size) with lemon iced tea and cucumber salad
meal3: 1 cup of rice with 1/2 cup dal and 1/2 cup eggplant curry
Snack: 2 small cookies and 32 oz green tea

7th June

Exercise: 50 mins on treadmill and 50 mins yoga class

meal 1: 1 cup rice with 1/2 dal and 1/2 cup veggie curry
meal 2: 2 medium rotis with 1 cup of spinach and lentils
meal3: 1/2 cup dal, 1/2 cup veggies and 1 99% fat free strawberry yogurt
snack: 6 lychee's, papad and 32 oz green tea


Hello Gals,

I am the new team member, created an account after zillions of trails. This is my test message to check whether I got this concept right.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Good Website explaining various weight exercises.

Check this link out!

It has nice diagrams for each exercise. We can all get some ideas from here for toning. No weights at home? How about cans of soup? Those are weights!

I use this website to find the name of the exercises I performed. I'll start visiting to get ideas about exercises I can do too.

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Wed, Jun 7

Shoulders - Arnold presses, 2 sets of 12, with 4 lbs in each hand. Lateral raises, 2 sets of 12, with 4 lbs in each hand. Upright rows, 2 sets of 12, 25 lb bar in hands.
Chest - Bench press, 1 set of 12, 25 lb bar, with 2.5 lbs additional on each end. 2 sets of 12, 25 lb bar with 5 lbs additional on each end. Dumbbell flies, 2 sets of 8 (or less!), 1o lbs each hand. Inclined dumbbell flies, 2 sets of 6, 10 lbs each hand.
Back - Bent over rows, 2 sets of 12, 25 lb bar. Lateral pulldowns, machine set to 5, 2 sets of 12. Back extension, 2 sets of 6.

Breakfast - Bowl of cheerios with milk.
Snack - Three butter crakers.
Lunch - Cup of pasta with broccoli and arrabiata sauce, slice of bread.
Snack - Four Indian cookies, pineapple Sunkist. Given to me lovingly by my Nani.
Dinner - Margarita, lots of chips and salsa, lots of chips and guacamole, one of the two enchiladas, black beans, rice. Oh yeah, some flan. :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

LoR's daily update - June 6th

I invited another friend of mine who is trying to get back on the track. If you see a new id its prolly her.

Workout: Ran 1 mile on the treadmill. [to be contd...]

Breakfast - 2 idlis with coconut chutney
Lunch - Salad [lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, dressing]
Snack - Tropical Trail Mix
Dinner - [to be contd...]

LoR's update for the weekend

Workout: 70 crunches on Saturday.
Walked around Oak Park downtown if it counts. :)
Walked 4.3 miles on Sunday at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Breakfast - three eggs fried both sides, french toast w/ white bread, 1 glass orange juice
Lunch - Thai fried rice, tofu satays
Dinner - same as lunch + dosa

Breakfast - cereal bar, banana, gatorade
Lunch - Rice + Sambhar + lip-smacking turnip chutney + papads
Dinner - 2 hotdogs, Grilled chicken [2 pieces]

June 5th - Shake it Off

Hi all,

I hope everyone had a great weekend because I sure did...

Breakfast - Bowl of oatmeal and 1/2 glass of OJ.

Lunch - Piece of baked Catfish, a scoop of baked beans and water.

Dinner - Salad, a piece of steak, and coke with lime to wash it all down.

*Got up at 5:30am and took my mile walk around the track....

Whole Grain pasta

As you may or may not know, it's best to eat whole wheat/whole grain pasta rather than regular pasta. This thread has some recommendations on various brands. I like Vita Bella!


OPoCCtGP's daily report - Tue, Jun 6

Cardio - Elliptical machine with handlebars, 40 mins, level 6.
Rock Climbing - 10 - 15 minutes of climbing, similar amount of belaying. Fun!!!

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cheerios with milk. Little bit of fruit and peel mix.
Lunch - 2 cups cooked pasta with arrabiata sauce and broccoli, few pineapple pieces (about 1/2 cup or so).
Snack - Cup of honey nut cheerios, no milk. Bosc pear with peanut butter. Jello swirl sugar free pudding. About four walnut halves.
Dinner - Half a naan, one Trader Joe's orange stick chocolate.

Monday, June 05, 2006

CHIP - June 6

Breakfast - cottage cheese with a few pieces of banana and a slice of caramel apple. YUM
Lunch - subway 6" veggie sub with cheese. bag of baked lays.
Dinner - boiled chicken with some marina sauce and spring salad.

Exercise - nothing. I'm too tired from the hectic weekend.


CHIP - weekend update

Saturday -
breakfast - two eggs and one slice of toast
lunch = salad with grilled chicken
dinner = corn on the cobb and a glass of wine.
snack = TOO MANY baked lays!

exercise = walked quite a bit on the lake.

Sunday -
breakfast - banana smoothie
lunch - steak taco salad, two chips with salsa
snack - rest of steak taco salad
dinner - whole grain pasta with some marinara

exercise - I cleaned for 3.5 hours in the morning so I'm counting that as some type of exercise. Walked a great deal on a house walk.

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Mon, June 5

Squats - 40 lbs + 10 lbs. Two sets of 12.
Bar under chin front squats - 40 lbs bar. Two sets of 12.
Calf raises - Seated on machine, 55 lbs. Two sets of 8.
Walking lunges - 20 lbs in each hand. Three sets of 12.
Leg Press - 45 lbs each side. Two sets of 8. (I think!) - Made my feet like jelly.
Leg Extension - 70 lbs. Two sets of 8.
Leg Curl - 70 lbs. Two sets of 8. Barely! :)

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cheErios with milk.
Lunch - Half a naan, baingan bhurta and gobhi aloo.
Snack - Some fruit and peel mix, cup of Aveda tea (mmm... good!!!)
Dinner - Big bowl of pasta with arrabiata sauce and broccoli.
Snack - 5 pita chips, a tsp. of almond filling.

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Sat, Jun 2 and Sun, Jun 3

Cardio - Saturday, 45 mins on elliptical machine with handles. Said 470 cals burned. Worry not, used them all up and then some later on at night.

Breakfast - Big bowl of cherios with milk. Big. :)
Lunch - Skipped lunch, snacked on two tofu satays with peanut sauce and three spring rolls with sweet sauce. Had about 1/4 cup of cucumber salad.
Dinner - Leftover Thai from Friday - Bowl of rice and eggplant tofu.
Snack - Ha! Atleast three pieces of cheesecake (that's what Suchi counted!), wait, I remember later in the evening, I ate three more. Yeah! :( Small piece of cake (good). Just cake frosting (bad). Yeah! :( Lots of wheat thins (good). Smeared with cream cheese (bad). Tortiall chips with salsa (good). Also in a cheese dip (bad). Lots of cucumber slice sandwiches. Lots. Alcohol. (like you couldn't tell!)

Breakfast - Five cucumber slice sandwiches.
Snack - Tomato rice from temple. Half a carry out container. In car. :) Granola mix (at Costco). Stopped myself from buying the Quaker chewy granola bars because they were full, and I mean full! of sugar under different names - corn syrup, glucose, etc. etc. Also hydrogenated oils. Yeah, I can live without those, as long as I have cookies to stuff my face! Yup. Another Sunday with five cookies. Damn, why do they smell so good? :(
Lunch - Remainder of the tomato rice.
Dinner - Eggplant tofu with rice. Small bowl.

That was my weekend. Hope yours was better.

Blog Reminder - From Admin

All - please put your handle name in the title of the daily report so we all know who it is at a glance. Enjoy!

Officially startting the second round!!!

June 4th:
Workout Log:
Beach Volleyball-120 mins
907 Calories burned
Moderate walking- 90 mins
210 Calories burned

Friday, June 02, 2006

LoR's daily update - June 2nd

I see that our blog is pretty busy. It is in fact inspiring. Here's my log for today -

Workout - [about 50 crunches in the morning]

Breakfast: 2 idlis + one glass orange juice
Lunch: Salad [lettuce + tomato + cucumber + dressing]
Snack: Was starved but stupid vending machine wouldn't give me anything.. damn it!!
Dinner: Can't wait for it.... rushing home..

Have a great weekend girls.. don't eat anything I would not.. :D

CHIP - June 2nd

Breakfast - yogurt and a banana

Lunch - Subway 6" veggie sub - NO cheese. bag of baked lays

Dinner - whole grain pasta with marina sauce

Exercise - ZILCH!

Shake it Off - June 2nd

Breakfast - Oatmeal

Lunch - Turnip Greens, Orka and fresh fruit..

Dinner - Going out to dinner for my cousin's b-day and will probably eat
too much, have too many drinks but I will get back on track tomorrow(smile)...

FYI: Got up at 5:30am and did a mile on the track... This would be day 2....

High School Skinny here I come!!!!!

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Fri, Jun 2

A.M. - Nothing.

Breakfast - Cup of milk, 1 cup of honey nut cherios.
Lunch - Half a Buona Beef chopped salad with dressing on the side. Dinner sized bread roll. Kid size scoop (yay!) of Baskin Robbin's Baseball nut icecream.
Snack - Rest of the Buona Beef chopped salad.
Snack - 1 tsp. fruit and nut peel mix.
Dinner - Tom yum soup. Yum! Tofu with eggplant and rice.

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Thu, Jun 1

Ah. Lets just call it cheese day!


Gym - Didn't make it.
Volleyball - Practice for about 20 mins, then an hour long game, but I wasn't doing a whole lot during the game, though.

Breakfast - Didn't have anything.
Lunch - Pizza slices. Lots of them. OK, they were pizza squares, pizza cut up Chicago style, but I had two cheese and three veggie slices.
Snack - Jello chocolate pudding (sugar free).
Dinner I - One piece cheese pizza, one piece veggie pizza.
Dinner II - Three pieces cheese quesadilla.

I lost 1 LB - whoo hoo

I decided to weigh myself this morning (even though Shelly and I said our weigh in date is Wed) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I lost a lb.

Since coming back from India - I gained the 6 I lost there PLUS 3! So, I really am trying to lose 10 lbs (and I would actually love to lose 14 - but that's pushing it for me).

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Re: Indian Food

ChipAway and Shaker,

I'm gonna need help from the other brownies on this, coz I'm not so much of a cook, but here are the basic rules of thumb -
- Any creamy sauce is probably not good. :) - Just like with pasta. Often they have names like shahi and makhani (translation - royal and buttery), so that's a hint too.
- Paneer is the Indian version of cheese. So it tastes wonderful, and I'm known to go overboard with it, but less is more for the WorkoutGirls, if you know what I mean.
- Naan is the great bread! Like a pita bread, but softer. Its goood! :)
- Most South Indian food is healthy. LoR's recent breakfast - they're called idlis are like rice dumplings (don't know a better way to describe them) are mild flavoured, and the stew served with it (sambar) is chok full of good veggies and lentils. Good and good for you!

I'm too scared to contemplate caloric values of Indian desserts! I love them, but man, they're really sweet (read full of calories).

There's my input. :)

Indian Food

Hey gals - us white and black girls need help with some of the Indian food you eat! We would love to know the ingredients (and ensure it doesn't consist of 1 LB of sour cream and something really bad) HA!


LoR's daily update - June 1st

Workout - None. Woke up late and have some stuff to take care of in the evening, so maybe no workout in the evening too. Any ideas how I can squeeze in a quickie somewhere in the day?

Breakfast - 2 Idlies and half a glass of orange juice.
Lunch - [Bad bad bad] Spinach and Artichoke Dip [shared] Baker's Square Stir Fry Pita, French Fries [shared, but yes, I am shameful of the fact], Caramel Apple Pie [thats it, I know I am not forgiven!]
Dinner - 4 medium sized rotis & tomato curry with yellow cucumber

LoR's daily update - May 31

*slowly finding my way back"

Workout: 30 mins on treadmill

Breakfast - 2 idlis, half glass of orange juice
Lunch - Salad [lettuce, tomatoes, 1 boiled egg]
Snack - bag of salted cashews
Dinner - 3 rotis with lamb curry, 1 glass of milk

Miles to go before I sleep..

Shake it Off - June 1st

Good morning ladies...

I am proud to say that I was motivated enough to get up at 5:30 am and go for a long walk with my husband, Henry and I am feeling WONDERFUL.... Bikini Skinny here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast - 1 slice of toasted whole wheat raisin and a half a glass of OJ

Lunch - 'Skinny' sandwich from Potbelly, a few baked chips and water.

Dinner - Grilled Chicken Sandwich and a few fries (I know what you all are thinking but they were so good)...

Daily blogging

An administrator request. In your daily food/exercise report, please put in an identifier in the title, so we know whose daily report it is without having to go to the bottom to read the contributer's name.

CAAF - Thursday - June 1 daily entry

-Breakfast (meal 1) 8:30 - 1 slice of turkey bacon, 1/2 slice of whole grain toast with a spritz of "I can't believe it's not butter" 1/2 a banana

meal 2 10:30 - 1 slice of turkey bacon, 1/2 slice of whole grain toast with a spritz of "I can't believe it's not butter" 1/2 a banana java
Exercise - 1 hour brisk walk at lunch - i'm pooped. Seriously I am OUTTA shape.

Lunch 1:00 - meal 3 - crabmeat (2 strips) protein
half of a red potato - carb
Squirt of I can't believe its not butter.

Meal 4 - crabmeat (2 strips) protein half of a red potato - carb Squirt of I can't believe its not butter.

Meal 5 - turkey chili, 2 glasses of wine
Meal 6 - turkey chili

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31st - Shake it off

I am a first timer and I am pretty excited about losing some LBS!!!

Menu for today
Breakfast - Whole wheat raisin toast, a pat of margarine and half a glass of cranberry juice.

Lunch - Turnip greens with steamed orka, chicken breast cubes and water

Dinner - Turnip greens with steamed orka(love it) and whole grain rice with Shrimp and Chicken breast cubes...

Exercise - Now that is another story.... Time to do some sweating but not feeling the treadmill.. Having a hard time getting motivated to exercise but know it is a MUST in order to get BIKINI SKINNY for my cruise in October.....

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Wed, May 31

Cardio - Elliptical machine w/ handlebars. 30 mins. Reported burnt 300 cals.

Breakfast - 1 1/4 cup of honey nut cherios with milk.
Snack - A teaspoon of fruit and peel mix.
Lunch - Half a naan, 1/2 cup of mutter paneer, aloo sabzi.
Snack - A few walnut halves.
Dinner - Another bowl of honey nut cherios with milk! :)

Flaxseed oil

Hey - I've been taking a tablespoon of flaxseed oil every day for almost two weeks. Here is a link for some info on flaxseed and how beneficial it is for your health! You can purchase it at the local whole foods or health food store. Tootles!


Wednesday 5/31

Exercise - I tried to get up this AM but slept horribly due to the heat (my home is like an oven). Will try to walk after dinner with wilson girls.

Breakfast - nothing. I know that is bad - i brought yogurt but wasn't hungry and didn't have a taste for it. I did have 3 cups of java! Not great I know!

Meal 2 - nothing
Meal 3 (lunch) salad that I made - includes the following: spinach salad, 1 half an egg, chic peas, peanuts, raisins, alfalfa, cucumber, peppercino peppers, jalapeno and topped with fat free dijon dressing (just a tad).

Snack - a bag of baked lays (so good without the guilt) and a diet coke.

Tonite I am going to dinner with Wilson girls. so I'm allowing myself a margarita. My goal is to get the grilled tuna salad which is DELICIOUS and eat only half. I am also going to allow myself 4 tortilla chips dipped in salsa. I hope I can stop at 4. I will report back later.
I did good at tonite's dinner. I had only 2 chips! Unfortunately I did eat all of my grilled tuna but I'm still happy about the chips. The grilled tuna consisted of:
Grilled tuna (ha)
Spring salad
feta cheese
avacodo slices
roasted red peppers
It's delich.
Also had a cup of coffee.
Did not eat after 8:00. YIPPEE

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Tue, May 30

Triceps - Close Grip Bench. 25 lb (wooo hooo!) bar, 1 set of 15. 25 lb bar + 5 lbs. 1 set of 12. Lying Triceps Extensions. 25 lb bar. 3 sets of barely 10 each. :) Pushdowns. 40 lbs on machine. 3 sets of 12.
Biceps - Standing Barbell Curls. 25 lb bar. 3 sets of 12. Preacher Curls. 25 lb bar. 2 sets of 12. 30 lb bar. Barely 8. :)Dumbbell Curls. 10 lb in each hand. 3 sets of 12 for each.
Abs - Knee Extensions on Bench. 2 sets of 12. Curlup. 2 sets of 12. Knee Raises. 1 set of 12. Barely 8 next set.
Rock Climbing - Stood around on my ass pretty much. :) Maybe 3 minutes of actual climbing.

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cherios with 150 (!) ml milk.
Snack - Cup of fresh diced pineapple.
Lunch - Frozen TJ enchiladas. Small jello swirl.
Snack - Cup of dry honey nut cherios. 1 TLC granola bar.
Dinner - Half a naan, 1 cup of mutter paneer.

LoR's update for the weekend

Saturday, Sunday, Monday [the days are all a blur]

Workout: 30 mins of running on treadmill
30 mins of walking outdoors
[and yes, that is cumulative for all three days!!]

It is better if I list it not.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? More seriously, will I fit through the tunnel?

Tuesday - May 30

Breakfast (meal 1) 8:30

Oatmeal (slow cook which is the best) with blueberries
1 strip of turkey bacon
coffee - gotta have my java!

Snack (meal 2) 10:30
Same as breakfast (just cut breakfast in half to make two small portions)

Exercise: 45 minute walk by the lake at lunch (I'm so hot!)

Lunch (meal 3) 1:00
- turkey chili (homemade with love ;)

Snack (meal 4) 3:00
-turkey chili (homemade with love)

Dinner (meal 5)
Smothie (1 cup of skim milk, Frozen banana and 1 tspn of peanut butter)

Meal 6 - homemade salsa (large can of tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, garlic and an onion)
yes I ate it with a spoon!

1 cup of coffee around 7:30.
My goal was to not eat after 8 and I did it!

Monday, May 29, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Mon, May 29

Cardio - Bicycling outside for about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cherios with milk.
Snack - McDonald's grape, walnut and apple salad w/ yogurt dressing.
Snack - Four cinnamon sugar pretzel stix from Aunt Annie's.
Lunch - Potato wedges, Boca veggie burger, cookie.
Snack - 1/2 cup coffee, two cinnamon suger pretzel stix.
Dinner - Tortilla chips and guac, bowl of honey nut cherios with milk (it was late, I was hungry!)

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Sun, May 28

None. At. All.

Breakfast - Bowl of honey nut cherios.
Costco's - Sample serving of ice cream with choc syrup (size must really be the amount of ice cream one should eat!), sample of their 7 layer taco dip.
Snack - Small vanilla coolata from DD.
Lunch - 5 (yup, five!) chocolate chip cookies.
Snack - Tortilla chips and guacamole.
Dinner - Mixed greens salad with tomatoes, snap peas and walnuts w/ balsamic vinegar, Boca grilled veggie patty and a glass of desert wine.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Sat, May 27

Cardio - Elliptical machine (w/o handlebars), 45 mins, reported 350 cals.

Breakfast/Lunch - Salsa w/ chips, 1 cup of honey nut cherios w/ milk.
Snack - Chips and guacamole (lots of both).
Dinner - Footlong veggie sub.

Friday, May 26, 2006

OPoCCtGP's daily report (Ha!!) - Fri, May 26

Nothing in the AM. Nothing at all. :(

Breakfast - The day started innocently enough. Two slices of whole wheat bread with nutella (OK! Not *that* innocent).
Mid morning snack - 2/3 lbs of cannoli cream. Yup! Its bad when they recognize you at the store!! 3 kaju rolls (fresh from India!). Handful of spicy cashews.
Mid afternoon snack - Handful of honey nut cherios.
Evening snack - 1 cup roasted vegetables, 1 serving sugar free jello swirl.
Dinner - 1 large bowl salad, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, "chicken" BOCA patty, two kaju rolls.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25th - LoR's daily update

Workout: Zero, zilch, nada!!

Breakfast - Orange Juice
Lunch - Southwestern Cobb Salad, Bread pudding with ice-cream & BIG BIRTHDAY CAKE!!
Dinner - trials for seperation from my love are all in vain. rice, bell-pepper curry, spinach daal, papads, leftover cake.

Silent pledge to myself that tomorrow will be the last day in row for the binge eating sans workout.

I hope you girls are doing better.

Track yourself...



OPoCCtGP's daily report - Thu, May 25

Shoulders - Dumbbell pull ups, 6 lbs each hand, 3 sets of 15. Dumbbell lateral raises, 4 lbs each hand, 3 sets of 15. Arnold flies, 4 lbs each hand, 3 sets of 15.
Back - (I forget what its called - 40 lb bar between legs, raise one end of bar), 3 sets of 15. Lateral pull down, set to level 4, 3 sets of 15. (Sit on seat close to floor, and pull chord with weights at other end), 40 lbs, 3 sets of 15. Lower back exercise on machine, 100 lbs (!!!), 3 sets of 15.
Chest - Bench press, 15 lb bar, 1 set of 15. 20 lbs, 2 sets of 12. (Af this point, I became a wuss!) Bench flies, 4 lbs each hand, 3 sets of 15. Over the bench fly, 12 lb, 3 sets of 12.

Volleyball - About 20 mins of real volleyball. Rest of the time standing around, trying to avoid being hit by the ball.

Breakfast - 3 crackers, 2 cubes of cheddar/american cheese combo. Big bowl of honey nut cherios with milk.
Lunch - 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 2 cups of pav bhaji, both with butter. :) One little snack pack of jello pudding.
Snack - 1 1/2 cup of honey nut cherios (w/o milk), 5 crackers with 4 (!) cubes of the mixed cheese.
Dinner - 1 tequila rose shot (!), three pieces of quesedilla (12" tortilla), chips and salsa.

Beat my work out if you can ;)

If you want to push harder, lets try our dance performance to the music of Nancy/Jim using precise graceful gestures in our new pointe shoes..TODAY!!!

Work out log Day1:
1) Leg/Ab workout-Lift my BIG FAT Ass from one chair to another.
2) Shin-Run down the hallway to track other people hiding from moi
3) Bi-ceps/triceps- Punch the walls

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wed May 24 - LoR's daily report [and this one sucks!!]

Workout: [does walking in the parking lot count as walking and lifting heavy indian suitcases to and from car trunk count as weights?] None

breakfast: Oats and Honey Cereal Bar
lunch: [this is where it goes downhill!]: daal, egg bhurji, mango pickle, oodles of ghee, rice, curd.
dinner: [aint helping at all]: shrimp and drumstick curry, rasam, rice, pickles, curd
dessert: doodh peda, laddu

Someone please hit me hard!! :(

OPoCCtGP's daily report - Wed, May 24

Cardio - Elliptical machine w/ handbars. Level 6. 45 minutes. Calories reported burnt : 460
Pushups - 20 weak, knee pushups. Had to take a couple of breaks. :)

Breakfast - Strawberry and milk smoothie. Sampled a tortilla chip and salsa from office kitchen.
Lunch - 1/4 cup mashed potatoes, 1 1/2 cup grilled vegetables, 1 slice white bread.
Snacks - 1 orange, 4 chocolate covered raisins, a few walnut halves, a few fruit and peel pieces, 1/2 cup salsa (no chips!!), 1/2 cup dry cereal (had no milk!), 1 cup roasted vegetables.
Dinner - 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 2 cups of pav-bhaji (mmm) w/ chopped up onions, 1 vanilla/chocolate sugar free jello, 1/2 piece of chocolate orange stick, a few cherios.

And back from the doc....

Just came back from my physical result consultation with my doc. Turns out I have high cholestrol, which is to be expected. It runs in the family, and even with my veggie diet, the cholestrol is more than normal. 229 instead of 200. Not terrible, but still. So, one of the things the doc said I do is exercise regularly, cardio 3 times a week, 30 minutes, minimum. Yay! Something else to push me to keep at it. And then he wants to see me in 6 mos again to check the level. So, he said it takes 4-6 mos for the effects of exercise to reflect on the cholestrol. (Otherwise I was gonna say to him, "but I've already been exercising." :^) ) Missing a month wouldn't help though. :^) He also gave me some handouts about foods to avoid, and guess what's on it? Croissants. Pastries. Coconut. Hotbreads - out. Thai Garden - out. :^( What a bummer. But I guess the key is moderation. Avoid icecream and chocolates. Cold Stone - out. Milka - out. But no abstaining! I'm thinking once a week indulgences are OK, eh?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mike testing 1 2 3

Hey girls!! I'm in too. I love both your handle names. LOL! You girls are so imaginative!

Love at first bite

yes girls.. this is all about my tragic love story.. how it all started at first bite... and how the love has not faded ever... and how I am doomed.

I logged in on my own!

Test: I'm in! Officially we're set! OK, a few kinks to iron out, but then after that, we should be OK.

Time to get back into shape!!

Lets Go! Lets Go!! Lets Go!!!

Lets see if you can edit this one, Prashanthi.. :)

And Boy!! Can I!! :)