Thursday, January 29, 2009

OPoCCtGP's Week 5 post: Sun, Jan 25 to Sat, Jan 31

Thursday, Jan 29:
6 Surya namaskars, squats and jumps, jumping jacks, ab exercises, swimming practice (floating and using legs) for 10 minutes

9:30 am: 1 cup rice milk with 3/4 cup cereal
10:00 am: 2 dark chocolate covered peanuts, 1 choc covered almond, 1 choc covered cashew
12:20 pm: 1 large bowl salad with sliced cucumber, carrots, steamed broccoli, sesame seed dressing. About 3 potato chips. 1/2 packed single serving baby carrots with hummus. 1/2 pita bread with lots of hummus.
1:20 pm: 3 chocolate covered almonds
3:00 pm: Two calcium chews, 5 roasted almonds (!!)
3:17 pm: Four more roasted almonds, one handful goji berries
5:00 pm: 1/2 pita bread with lots of hummus
10:00 pm: 2 pieces Italian bread with vegan cream cheese and maple syrup

Friday, Jan 30:

9:00 am: One chocolate covered almond
9:30 am: 1/4 cup Spanish rice, Udon noodle soup with frozen vegetables
10:45 am: One chocolate covered cashew, one chocolate covered almond
2:00 pm: Two calcium chews, one handful goji berries
3:00 pm: One मसाला burger, cucumber and baby carrots with hummus
4:00 pm: Two chocolate almonds
4:40 pm: One chocolate almond