Wednesday, August 30, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 29 - Tuesday

Workout - 30 minutes on treadmill between 4-4.5 mph [see, I am getting better, one baby step at a time!]

Food -
Breakfast - Idli (2) + chutney
Lunch - donut + bag of chips -> $1 to the fund!
Dinner - Biriyani + Raita + Paneer Curry + Chicken pakoras [reasonable portions, though! :)]

Total contribution so far: $3

Damn Fund! (Pardon my French!) as of Aug 30th.

LoR, BP,

I'm still sick. No workout today either. Its Wednesday. And it shows. So, another $2 in the fund from me. :( I suck. I felt better last night, so went to bed around 10:30, but just could not get up this morn. Tonight maybe bed at 9:00 will help?

Anyway, here's the final total (I think)
OPoCCtGP - $4
LoR - $2
BP - $1

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

LoR's daily update - August 28 - Monday

Workout -
Ran for 30 minutes 4-4.5 mph on treadmill

Food -
Breakfast: 2 idlis + chutney; glass of orange jiuce
Lunch: Salad [ate three forkfuls and accidentally dropped the plate on the floor, cafeteria closed by then]; bag of animal crackers [250 cals, 35 from fat]
Dinner: 1 cup of rice + 1 cup tomato rasam/soup + half a corn-on-the-cob

So far doing good for the week. But this week has only 4 days for me, so there goes my $1 contribution into the fund already.

Monday, August 28, 2006

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - End of day 7, i.e. Week ONE

LoR - had I told you what my goal was when we began the PuBaSWoP? It was to lose 6 lbs by Sept 30th. And that weight was with my jeans on. :) That was 1 lb each week. Looks like I'm close to target for my first week. Though the amount of cake and frosting I had yesterday will show up in the scale tomorrow. :( But so far, lost 1 lb. Also lost $1 for 4/7 workout days and $1 for pigging on aforementioned cake. Yay! Can't enjoy the woods though. Miles to go before I sleep. :)

LoR's daily update - Weekend - Ganapathi Bappa Moriya!! :)

No workout as such, but danced for > 30 mins, walked for > 2 miles. If this does not count, then I am donating $1 for the fund! :|

Breakfast: idli(2) + chutney
Snack: Two sandiches with cheese, mayo and green chutney in the middle
Lunch: Bombay Chicken Salad at Cosi + loaf of bread
Dinner: Dahi Aloo Poori (4 spoonfuls) + naan + lamb curry (2 spoonfuls) + paneer curry(2 spoonfuls)
{basically the food sucked big time, hence only spoonfuls of each!}
Dessert: Ice cream!!

Workout: Ran for 60 minutes on treadmill between 3.5 and 4 mph.

Breakfast: idli

Lunch: Festival food!!!!!!!! *
Dinner: Festival food!!!!!!!!

* -
nothing can be counted against the pledge because, well, it is for the good of mankind that I ate all of that! :D

PS: Okay, so I donate $2 to the fund!

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Day 5, Saturday, Aug 26th

Treadmill. 45 mins. 15 mins at 5 mph. 15 mins at 5.5 mph. 1.5 mins rest by walking at 3.5 mph. 15 mins at 5 mph. Yay!! Could feel it in my ankles. :) When I wanted to give up, I was inspired by the swimmers on TV.

Not sooo hot. But could be worse. :) Had small portions of dessert instead of full sized ones. Yay!!!

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP Plan - Day 4, Day 6 and Day 7 - Friday (Aug 25th), Sunday (Aug 27th) and Monday (Aug 28th)

No workout!!!

Money Donated: $1 !!!

Worked out four days out of the past seven. Missed one day!! :^(