Tuesday, June 05, 2007

OPoCCtGP's June 5th post

Ran/walked 4 miles. Yay!

9:45 am - 225 ml of badam milk (I do it in style! :) )
10:30 am - Some shakkar-pareys (they were there, beckoning to be eaten...)
12:10 pm - Big bowl of salad greens with scant dressing + one veggie patty.
2:00 pm - Some more shakkar-pareys. Thankfully they're over now. :)
3:00 pm - bowl of daal
4:10 pm - half an orange
5:30 pm - Large Caribou Coffee berry delight or such. Pro - made with skim milk. Con - lots of sugar!
10:20 pm - 1/2 cup rajma, about 10 large chips with salsa, one Chips Ahoy cookie (followed my tongue rather than my stomach here!)

Workout Girls - Redux!!!

We're back.
We're staying.
We're not going anywhere.
We're watching our food.
We're watching our exercise.
We're going to rock this!