Saturday, May 31, 2008

Momentum's Saturday, May 31st

7 am: Today was a long run day according to the schedule. Ran 4.2 miles with Jenni and Lynn. Felt good to run that early in the day. There were a lot of runners out there!!

Breakfast @ 8:30 am- scrambled eggs minus cheese, 1 whole wheat toast with laughing cow lite cheese, a bowl of watermelon, handful of grapes.

Noon- I chocolate chip cookie

Lunch @ 1:30 pm: 1 paratha, baingan sabzi, 3/4 cup rice with yoghurt.

Afternoon snack @ 4pm: 1 bowl watermelon

Evening snack @ 6 pm: 1 cup Odwalla soymilk and two small chocolate chip cookies

Dinner @ 9 pm: 1 glass of wine, 1 veggie egg roll, thai drunken noodles, two pieces of dark chocolate.

Friday, May 30, 2008

OPoCCtGP's Thu, May 29th post

Ran for 2 miles, stretched.

12:30 pm - Cup of tom yum soup, vegetarian egg roll, half of panang tofu curry w/ rice
3:00 pm - Half of leftover panang tofu curry w/ rice
8:00 pm - Remaining leftover panang tofu curry w/ rice
9:00 pm - 4 chocolate covered almonds

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OPoCCtGP's Wed, May 28th Post

Abs, legs, inner thighs. Physio exercises.

10:00 am - Vegan blueberry muffin, pomegranate juice
1:30 pm - Bowl of राजमा
4:00 pm - Bowl of दाल
9:30 pm - Two मसाला burgers from Trader Joe's.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Momentum's Tuesday May 27th

I signed up with a group to run half a marathon on Sunday, Sept 7th is a huge step for me. Training starts tomorrow!!
Dinner tonight at 8 pm- Moong dal one and a half bowl with two parathas.

Momentum's going to do a half Marathon!!!

Yay for her! We're with her! She will do it!!!

OPoCCtGP's Tues, May 27th Post

None today. Or yesterday. Or on Saturday. But I biked about 18 miles on Sunday. Does that count? :D

Too much food on Fri/Sat. Totally and royally fell off the NPiRSaBTL wagon! Sunday was *mildly* better. And can't say much for Monday. But am on the bandwagon again!
9:00 am - Large bowl of honey bunches of oats w/ 1% milk
12:45 pm - Cup दाल, large bowl Udon noodle soup
2:45 pm - Two chocolate covered ginger candies
5:30 pm - Large cup ताक
7:40 pm - One cup macaroni salad w/ miracle whip
8:30 pm - One bowl राजमा