Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Meal - June 6,7,8

June 8th-
Breakfast - 1 cup of Kellog smart start cereal with soy milk + 1 spoon of flax seed mixed in the cereal
Lunch - a slice of veggie lasgana
Snack - tea at 4 PM
Dinner- Pakodas ( lost count of how many) + 2 slices of toast with butter substitute and egg beaters scrambled eggs (the fat free eggs somewhat compensated for the pakodas :((

June 7th
Workout - 30 min elliptical (310 cal) + 20 min arm strength training
Breakfast - 1 cup of Kellog smart start cereal with soy milk + 1 spoon of flax seed mixed in the cereal
Lunch - 2 chapatis and cauliflower sabzi
Dinner - was at a thai restaurant + drinks! ( not even worth mentioning calories )

June 6th
Workout - 30 min elliptical (310 cal) + 20 min arm weights
Breakfast - 1 cup of Kellog smart start cereal with soy milk + 1 spoon of flax seed mixed in the cereal
Lunch - 2 chapatis + aloo capsicum sabzi, left over singapore fried noodles (very little left, came to about 3 forkfuls)
Tea- 1 cup of tea +few pistachios+ 1 chakli
Dinner - BAD! had bits of nachos with cheese, corn on the cob, mango smoothie, half italian sausage and few pieces of chicken kabab

June 6th

breakfast: 1 cup cheerios, 2%milk and 1 banana (~300cal)
postworkout snack: protein bar (210cal)
lunch: beans and rice (rice BAD, couldn't resist) (?cal)
workout: elliptical 30min (315cal), 30min free wts (?100cal)

Suchi : June 6th

7:00 am: Coffee and Bagel ( very little cream cheese)
9:00 am : Handful Soy hearts
12:00pm Leftover Chipotle Bowl and a Coke ( Free Coke lying around. Regret having it already)

Baby Phat's June 5-8

June 5th (Thursday)
Breakfast: None
Lunch: 8 pieces of veggie Sushi
Evening snack: 2 laddoos, few murukkus
Dinner: Soy granules curry, 2 rotis, 1 glass buttermilk

Workout: 1.5 miles walk and run with little one and hubby. Weather was awesome!! Love Summers.

June 6th (Friday)
Breakfast: 1 dosa
Lunch: Soy granules curry, 2 rotis
Dinner: Nachos and cheese shared with Vamsi, 1 hot dog, 1 beer, 1 mai tai

Workout: None

June 7th (Saturday)
Breakfast: None
Lunch: 5 tortialls chips & gauc, tofu and veggies in sauce, rice and peas
Dinner: 1 cup rice, dal, potato curry

Workout: None

June 8th (Sunday)
Breakfast: None
Lunch: 1 cup coconut rice, lamb curry
Dinner: 1 slice pizza

Workout: None

Has been an overall bad diet week.

Resolve for next:
  • Need to focus on the diet. Less rice, more fresh veggies
  • 4 days of 45 min cardio workout for the week

Thursday, June 05, 2008

OPoCCtGP's Week 23 Post

~~ Thursday ~~
Been so lazy this week. :( None again.

9:30 am: 100 cal cookie pack w/ 1 cup 1% milk, plate of grapes
11:00 am: Cashew pack Mrs. Mays
12:30 pm: 2 plates Mexican Fiesta roll, 2 cups of hot tea
3:00 pm: 4 रवा लड्डू
5:00 pm: Grapes
8:00 pm: 1 1/2 आलू पराठा with आचार and yogurt

LoR: June 2 - 8

Breakfast - none
Lunch - Sushi 8 pieces [about 350 calories], miso soup [85], small side salad with dressing [75]
Dinner - 1/2 can of red beans [130 cals], 1 cup of rice [250 cals], 1 egg [75], tomato curry with paneer [no clue - 300?]
Snacking - 3 pieces of dark chocolate [50], 1 cream biscuit [100], rava laddu [150], murukku [150]
Total Calories consumed: 1715 cal
Workout - 2.5 miles, about 5 mph = 250 calories burnt??

Breakfast - none; 2 cups of coffee - 300 cals! [2 spoons sugar, 1 spoon non-diary creamer powder] [note: cut down on sugar and creamer]
Lunch: Dosa [500 cals] + chutney [200]
Dinner: 1.5 egg omlette with mushrooms, green peppers, onion, cheese [250 cal] + 2 slices of wheat bread toast [200 cals] + 1/4 cup of rice with steamed carrots & peas [50]
Snacking - 2 pieces of dark chocolate [35 cals]
Total Calories consumed: 1535

Workout: 2 mi @ 5 mph ~ 200 cals burnt

[seriously cannot remember what I had for lunch!]
Breakfast - none; 1 cup of coffee - 100 cals [no sugar and no creamer]
Lunch: 1 cup of rice + steamed carrots and peas - 300 cals; a very tiny side salad - 30 cals; 1/2 Oscar Meyer chicken-flatbread sandwich [freebie at work] 150 cal
Dinner: 2 cups steamed rice [400 cals] + aloo green beans side [200 cals] + tomato lentils [100 cals] + 1/2 cup yogurt - 80 cals
Snacking - murukku - 140 cals [to even out the total calories.. calorie count is approximation.. :)]
Total Calories consumed: 1500 cals
Workout - none

P.I.G.G.E.D O.U.T - details better left out of post!! :D
Workout - 6 mi at 4 - 5 mph

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Choco-lover's - Week of June 2nd - June 8th

Wednesday June 4th-
Breakfast at 8:00 am- Croissant, 2 small cups of coffee with 2 packets sugar each, small dish of cantelopes and watermelons,
Snack at 10:00 am- Dannon yogurt, banana
Lunch at 12:00 am- medium sized marsala chicken, asian salad with lettuce, tomatoes, oranges, asian crunchy stuff , too much dressing ( I don't understand why restaurant buffets here put so much dressing. I couldn't get the option for dressing on the side..)
Snack- 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch chocolate tart , 3 small pieces of water melon, 3 small pieces of cantalope, 1 cup coffee
Dinner- 1.5 cup soup, salad with iceberg lettuce, spinach, carrots and Tuscan dressing
small dark chocolate piece.
Workout- Ran approx 4 miles in my neighbourhood, stretched
Thursday - June 5th-
So, still in conference:) so a still a lot of food around me..what's it with surplus food in our generation here? Why do we have sooo much around us...should we eat only when we are hungry instead of getting tempted at every step?..just random thoughts..
Food -
7:30 am- strawberries, cantalope, 4 inch croissant, coffee with 2 raw sugar packets
8:30 am- dannon yogurt, coffee again with 2 sugars- ( hey..the Hilton coffee is sooo good! Starbucks is totally watered down! but need to reduce my sugar intake)
1pm- tuckey sandwich with lettuce and tomato, small pasta salad..... large chocolate chip cookie:) - could have avoided the cookie, would have been a better food day!
5:30pm- apple
7:30 pm- hubby made coffee with skim milk and decaf nescafe powder
8:45 pm- soup and salad- lettuce, spinach, grapes, few carrots and radishes with tuscan dressing
small dark chocolate piece
Workout- none today.
Friday June 6th-
Breakfast 8:00 am- danon 60 cal yogurt, small plate of fruit- watermelon, cantelop, 2 coffees with 2 sugars each

8:30 am- min bagel with peanut butter
12:00 am- salad with ranch dressing (could have had lesser dressing), 3 inches by 3 inches parmasen chicken sandwich
5:50 pm- coffee with skim milk and nescafe powder, 3 Marie biscuits..(need to eat more fruit and veggies tonight)
8pm- 1 cup Soya flax cereal with skim milk, handful of almonds and roasted moong
10pm- Subway veggie delite sandwich
1am- Orange
Workout- none,;cleant and rearranged garage for 3 hours for tomorrow's garage sale!
Saturday June 7th-

Breakfast 9:00 am- cup of skim milk with nescafe powder, 2 sugars, 3/4 cup dry oatmeal with milk, raisins, almonds and berries, 1/2 spoon sugar
10 am- hubby made a cup of smoothie with soya milk, strawberries, honey
1pm- 6 inch turkey subway sandwich with mayo, veggies, oil, vinegar, 1.5 inch by 2 inch oatmeal raisin , 3 pieces of chips
3:00pm- almonds, skim milk with bru coffee powder
4:30 pm- fat free pain yogurt
7:30 pm- 1 cup soy flax cereal with 1/2 cup milk. 4 table spoons chiwda
8:30- 3 inch by 1 inch salmon, salad- spinach, lettuce, grapes, tomatoes, carrots and tuscan dressing
piece of dark chocolate (80 cals)
Workout- none
Sunday June 8th-
Breakfast 9:30 am- tea, half bagel with scambled eggs, half apple, half tangerine
snack- almonds
lunch- 2 pieces of bread, one veggie burger, lettuce, tomatoes, pudina chatni, mayo
snack- peach, nectarine, watermelon
snack- fat free yogurt
dinner- palm size grilled seasame chicken, grilled peppers with olive oil, 3-4 tofu cubes, salad- grapes, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, tuscan dressing
after dinner-skim milk with nescafe and one piece of melted dark chocolate
Workout- biked 10 miles

Need to increase my workout next week- add 2 more days of cardio and weights, reduce sugar and coffee:)

Momentun's Wednesday, June 4th

Breakfast @ 8 am: 1 banana, 1 dannon yoghurt, 1 cup odwalla soy milk

Lunch @ 12:15 pm: Lean cuisine butternut squash ravioli, 10 almonds

Pre-workout snack @ 5:15 pm: 1 string cheese

Dinner @ 8:30 pm: 2 chapatis, baingan sabzi, moth usal, rice, yoghurt

Workout: Stretches, cross training day today-15 mins on the elliptical, walked 4 miles on the treadmill, squats, lunges

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Momentum's June 3rd, Tuesday

Breakfast @ 7:30 am: 1 banana, 1 dannon light and fit yoghurt

Lunch @ 12:15: Amy's enchilada, 1 apple

Pre workout snack @ 5 pm: 1 string cheese, 8 almonds

Dinner @ 8:30 pm: 1 chapati, 1 paratha, capsicum sabzi, chickpea salad

Workout: Ran on the treadmill for 4 miles.

Choco-lover's June 3rd Blog

8 am- 1 cup milk with bru coffee powder
9:30 am- 1.5 cups of Oatmeal with walnuts, blueberries and rasberries
1pm- chicken, kouskous
2pm- 1 orange, herhey's miniature chocolate
5:30 pm- 1 small apple
6:30pm- starbucks soya hot chocolate, asked for 2 pumps of chocolate- next time will get only one..
9:00pm-half pita bread (not sure if the bread was necessary:), small piece of chicken, 2 falafels (one was unnecessary maybe..), jerusulum salad
9:30 pm- soya cutsie 100 cal icecream sandwich ..which is yummy..

Workout- none today, Need to get in my run tomorrow!!

PS- who is Momentum?:)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Choco-lover's June 2nd Blog

My first blog!!:)

Breakfast- 1 cup milk with some coffee powder, 1 &1/2 cup oatmeal with some walnuts, raisins, sugar

Lunch- leftovers- 3 to 4 ounces chicken and some kouskous. Piece of Hersheys dark chocolate

Snack- tall starbucks soya hot chocolate (needed that after a client meeting!:)

Snack- one plate salad with greens, tomatoes, grapes, carrots, orange

Dinner- turkey chili soup, salad- greens, tomatoes, cucumbers.
Piece of Hershey's dark chocolate

Mometum's Monday June 2nd

Breakfast @ 8 am: one banana and dannon blueberry yoghurt

Lunch @ 12:30 pm: 15 pistachios, lean cuisine butternut squash ravioli

Pre work out snack @ 6:30 pm: 1 apple

Dinner @ 8:30 pm: 3 phulkas, beans sabzi, lots of cucumber koshimbir

Stretches, ran 3 miles on treadmill, 20 crunches

Sunday, June 01, 2008

OPoCCtGP's Sun, June 1 Post


9:00 am - Half a vegan cranberry muffin
2:30 pm - Greek salad, red pepper hummus, pita bread, potatoes, spanakopita, tea w/ lemon and honey
4:30 pm - Cashews and चकली
5:30 pm - Chocolate covered almond

OPoCCtGP's Sat, May 31st post

"Ran" 6 miles in the A.M. Walked a lot too.

8:30 am - Half vegan muffin
12:30 pm - Dosti buffet - रोटी, वडा, दोसा, उत्तपा, साम्भर, दाल, आलू सब्जी, मटर पनीर, गाजर हलवा, गुलाब जामुन
6:30 pm - Noodles, melon, grapes, watermelon, bean salad, bok choy
11:30 pm - Mango juice and vodka