Friday, August 03, 2007

OPoCCtGP's August 3rd post

None again

10:00 am - Bowl of frosted shredded wheat with 2% milk
12:30 pm - One leftover fajita with mushrooms, asparagus, onions, rice, beans, guac. Lots of watermelon
2:30 pm - Lots of red grapes
5:00 pm - Small bowl of pasta

Suchi- Aug 3rd.

Workout: NONE! :(((

8:00 am 2% Caramael Mchatio and a Reduced fat Cinamon Swirl Cake. It didn't taste like reduced fat..which means I am NOT having it next time.
1:00 pm: Lunch: Little RIce with paneer mattar. Left over Pad Thai with Tofu.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

OPoCCtGP's August 2nd post

7:20 am - Leg strengthening and shoulder exercises

10:00 am - Bowl of mini-frosted wheat bite things with milk
10:15 am - 2/3 a bowl of cannoli cream :(
11:30 am - Remaining cannoli cream. Its now over. It was good.
2:45 pm - Large bowl of greens with half a cucumber, one tomato, some shredded cheddar cheese, pepper and lemon juice
3:15 pm - 8 chocolate graham cracker honey maid stix
6:00 pm - Lots of fresh chips and salsa, one prickly pear margarita (mmm...), one fajita with mushrooms and asparagus, rice, beans, guac and corn-halwa
9:30 pm - Few pieces of watermelon

Suchi - Augusut 2nd

Workout: 30 min Full Body Blast class. I am so outta shape!

9:00 am Tall 2% Caramel Mchiato and a little bit of my left over Chipotle.( Yeah I know that's crazy!!! But I do have Breakfast trouble)
11:20am Finished the Chipotle
2:00 pm Little rice with Paneer Mattar
4:00pm Handful peanuts

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is it just me, or does this article seem to hark back to the 50s?

Just saw this on CNN. Is this really what they write in magazines like Oprah? Is it just me who seems to be bristled by it? Let a man think he's right? Why, just because he's a man? Do they have guidance lists like this for men to follow too? ("Never say she's fat" :) )

Maybe its just me, but I thought it was a tad offensive to women. Esp. western feministsish women!

CNN Oprah article

OPoCCtGP's August 1st post

7:00 pm - Ran (and walked) 6 miles

8:45 am - One bowl of honey clusters of oats with almonds with 2% milk
10:15 am - About a dozen M&Ms
12:30 pm - Large bowl of mixed greens with one tomato, half a cucumber, lemon juice, some shredded cheddar cheese and black pepper. One slice of Mediterranean pizza
3:15 pm - Tall nonfat decaf vanilla latte from Starbucks
4:15 pm - Slice of veggie Mediterranean pizza
9:40 pm - Bowl of pasta farafalle from Maggiano's

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OPoCCtGP's June 31st post


8:40 am - Bowl of honey-clusters with almonds with 2% milk
10:55 am - Last of chocolate chip cookie
12:15 pm - 1 1/2 slices of Mediterranean pizza, one coke
3:30 pm - Bowl of whole milk vanilla yogurt
5:00 pm - 1 Kellog K bar, vanilla
7:30 pm - Bread, olive oil, parmesan cheese, tomato and mozarella, Zen Greentini martini, farfalle with veggies and chunky tomato sauce, icecream

Monday, July 30, 2007

OPoCCtGP's July 30th post


9:30 am - One chocolate chip cookie
10:30 am - One Kudos M&M bar
12:30 pm - One breadstick, 1/2 of pasta primavera entree
5:00 pm - One small bowl pasta primavera leftovers
5:30 pm - Small bowl of blueberries, two chocolate chip cookies (I'll be glad when they're gone!)
8:30 pm - Lots of home made bruschetta with French bread, one cup of tomato soup

Sunday, July 29, 2007

OPoCCtGP's July 29th post


11:30 am - Salad leaves with tomato and shredded cheddar cheese
4:00 pm - Pasta salad, noodle salad, salsa and chips, frosting off two cakes, one LARGE milk and Baileys, one LARGE milk and Kalhua, one Oreo cookie icecream dessert

OPoCCtGP's July 28th post

7:00 am - Ran 11 miles. Walked 2. Leg hurt. :(

6:40 am - One Lara bar
7:00 am - 10:30 am - Lots of gatoreade, one gel packet
11:30 am - Rajma and rotis
7:00 pm - Lots of pakoras, small glass of wine, naan, ma-ki-dal, pulao, cauliflower-potato, kheer