Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yoo Hoo!

Worked out last night for 30 minutes.. after like AGES! I guess I haven't pushed myself hard enough because I don't feel sore. I will try again tonight!

This is our strict week, remember girls! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LG's goals for week ending Aug 26th

I weighed myself last night. Now I know where exactly I want to be and how far I am from it. The first week was more or less successful. I'm planning on a more aggressive workout this week. And for food goals, I need to identify where I'm slipping.

Monthly goal date:
Aug 31st
Number of days from goal date
: 11 days
Number of pounds to lose: 5

Food Goals:
- Consume 1200 calories per day.
For those of you interested in Indian food calorie counter, here's a link:
- No fried food like murukkus etc.
- 1 cup rice for dinner. (Use a smaller cup this week.)
- Cut portion size to half when eating out.

Workout Goals:( no excuses)

- Walk&Run for 1 hour 3 times a week
- Swim 1 day for 1 hour

- Drink 6-8 glasses of water
- Take stairs when possible

Suchi - Aug 21st

Going to the Gym has been really hard since Rish had his Finals. And its going to be even harder cause he leaves for mexico tom. BUT I am going to control my food intake this week.

GOAL: 5 pounds by end of this MONTH. Scared to weigh myself!;)
9:00am: Bournvita

Monday, August 20, 2007

LoR's weekly goals: 8/20 - 8/27

[Updated the accomplishments for last week's goals!]

Last week was 'okay' w.r.t to goals and accomplishments.

Tentative goal date: Oct 15
Number of days from goal date
: 56 0r 8 weeks
Number of pounds to lose: 11 - pounds lost this week prolly none! :(

Workout goals
: [same as last week, but no exceptions this week]
Cardio - 3 times this week with minimum of 30 minutes spent - did that twice! [not bad but!]
Weights - 2 times this week with a minimum of 30 minutes spent - not even once!

Food goals: [just made them a little stringent on the carbs]
Rice/Carb-rich food - 3 times entire week [including weekend] [it was more like 5 days]
Desserts - not more than 2 times entire week - [weekend was Onam! :( ]

Eating out - not more than 5 times entire week [bf/lunch/dinner included] - so far 1
Junk - NO CHIPS!! NO COOKIES!! NO JUNK!! [chips no, cookies no, junk - please be more precise!]

At office -
Pizza on Wednesday for lunch: limit to two slices of veggie! no pop! - canceled for this week! Yay!!
Continue to watch what I am eating during work hours - had 2 मोती चूर लड्डू & 10 thin slices of काजू बुर्फी। Have to stop it, but irresistable.. big box sitting on desk next to me.

Good luck to me!