Friday, August 17, 2007

Suchi-Aug 17th

8:00 am Coffeee and 1 Banana
1:00 pm Dal , Chawal. ( I think i should have had less rice) :(

OPoCCtGP's Aug 17th post

None again :( Hope to feel better in time for tomorrow's 16 miler!

10:00 am - Bowl of blueberries with Wheaties and 2% milk
12:30 pm - Bowl of stir fry veggies, one Amy's cheese enchilada (240 cals) and 1 1/2 of watermelon
2:25 pm - One Hershey wafer bar (50 cals)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

OPoCCtGP's Aug 16th post

Just some leg and shoulder strengthening exercises. No running - feeling unwell.

10:00 am - One slice banana bread
12:30 pm - Redemption for last night. One bowl of udon noodle soup with one cup of frozen veggies, one 50 cal Hershey pretzel bar
3:00 pm - One small bunch of grapes
4:00 pm - One cup of baby carrots, one 50 cal Hershey wafer bar
7:00 pm - Still redeeming myself. :) Yellow curry with tofu from Thai Garden with rice. 1/2 of curry container, 1/3 of rice container. After that meal, promptly flossed and brushed my teeth. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OPoCCtGP's Aug 15th post

None today

9:30 am - In front of computer screen. :( Two Kudos bars - one chocolate chip, one peanut butter, handful of grapes
12:45 pm - One small piece of आलू पराठा, half a small मेधू वडा, one डोसा, some अविअल, कोफ्ता, मशरूम सब्जी, दाल पायसम, दो छोटे गुलाब जामुन
7:00 pm - One slice of multigrain bread with hazelnut light cream cheese spread
10:00 pm - BAD. In front of TV, no less. मिठाई binge session - दो बंगाली मिठाई, एक पीस ड्राई फ्रूटहलवा , दो पीस दुधी हलवा मिठाई

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Suchi- August 14th

Workout: None yet. Hoping to go in the evening.

8:00 am : Coffee and 1 Banana
10:00 am: 1 non fat plain yogurt.
12:30pm: Aloo baingan, Kofta , 2 Rotis and Delicious Mangoes. It was a delicious meal.

What fun! :)

नमस्ते प्यारी सहेलियों! कैसे हो? हां हां! ये '' बटन काम कर रही है! यूं हू!

सब को प्यार



OPoCCtGP's August 14th post

Did some strength training exercises for legs - nothing major, just stuff recommended by physical therapist. Ran 4 miles in the evening.

10:20 am - Bowl of blueberries with some wheaties thrown in with 2% milk
12:20 pm - One bowl of miso soup, green salad with ginger dressing, large platter of various vegetable sushi. Yummy! Next time, should ask for a box instead of finishing all my sushi :)
3:30 pm - Half a banana
4:30 pm - One Special K vanilla bar
6:30 pm - One Hershey chocolate pretzel bar, one Hershey chocolate wafer bar
10:10 pm - Two मसाला burgers

OPoCCtGP's August 11th to 13th post

Ran 13.1 miles. Yay for me!

Lots of food. Mostly healthy. Then some not so healthy. Count समोसा and दो जलेबी in that category. Forgot all I had. But I am succeeding with my plan of not eating in front of a screen. Will try to not eat in front of catalogs either.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Shouldn't we all get paid like this?

Italian town to pay residents to shed flab

How to see the "अ" button when you compose your blog

It has recently come to my attention :) that LoR can't see the "" button on her screen where she composes her blogs. This might be an issue for others of you as well. For me, the button appears in the series of buttons when I compose my blog (non-Html). It's in between the "i" button for italics, and the "T" button that changes colours in the blog.

If you can't see the "", and want to, this is what you have to do ->
1. After you are logged in, click "Customize" on the right hand top corner of the screen.
2. Then click on "Settings". It is the large tab on top of the page towards the left, just under the title of the blog.
3. Scroll down to "Global Settings"
4. Select "Yes" for question "Show transliteration button for your posts?"
5. Click on the bright orange "Save Settings"

You should now be good to go! Next time you compose, you should see "" in between your italic and font colour buttons!

Have fun!

LoR's weekly goals & accomplishments: 8/13 - 8/19

[Update of accomplishments in red done at the end of the week]

Tentative goal date: Oct 15
Number of days from goal date
: 63 0r 9 weeks
Number of pounds to lose: 8
Number of pounds from goal weight: [have to weigh myself yet, will update] still have to weigh, so don't know if there was any progress. :(

Workout goals
Cardio - 3 times this week with minimum of 30 minutes spent
- jumping jacks for 30 minutes [almost]
- walked more than 1 hour
- walked more than 1 hour
Weights - 2 times this week with a minimum of 30 minutes spent
- havent reached this goal. Have to focus this week.

Food goals:
Rice/Carb-rich food - not more than one time a day
- failed 1 day in the 7 days - had Sushi and rice + lamb on the same day! :(
Desserts - not more than 2 times entire week [trying to be realistic!]
[Added after reading the link that Swats sent about eating places]
- had desserts four times during the entire week. Have to be more stringent! :|
Eating out - not more than 5 times entire week [bf/lunch/dinner included]
- ate out exactly 6 times during the 7 days! :But because of the travel! Hopefully this week is better.
Watch what I am eating in the office - vending machine, meetings, free donuts/bagels etc and set goal for next week accordingly!
- ate pizza for lunch on Wednesday. Cannot avoid. Pizza meeting EVERY wednesday! So have to cut down something else
- caught myself eating a slice of birthday cake and a bag of chips

Where's da hindi font?! Should we download something too? Wanted to say 'लगे रहो LoR!' :P

LG's goals for week ending Aug 19th

Monthly goal date: Aug 31st
Number of days from goal date
: 19 days
Number of pounds to lose: 5

Food Goals:

- 1 cup veg for afternoon snack ( replacing vending machine cookies at 4:30)
Accomplished goal!! by cutting down on vending machine junk
- 1 snack bar for 5:30 PM snack (energy for workout later in the evening)
Gave into 4 murukkus 3 times in the week :(

- 1 cup rice for dinner (vs. not sure how much currently)
Accomplished goal all days!! Yay!!

Workout Goals:

- Walk&Run 3 days
Walked and ran for 45 mins - 2 days and a light walk for 20 mins - 1 day.
- Swim 1 day
Could not do it

- Drink 8 glasses of water
6 glasses of water
- Take stairs when possible