Friday, August 10, 2007

Suchi- August 10th

8:00am : Coffee and Banana
10:45pm: 1 Apple juice , some potatoes and 2 pieces of pineapple
1:30:pm: Remaining Pad Thai

Inspiration from the Seven places *not* to eat!

I hereby declare to the world -
I'm going to STOP eating in front of a screen. No more eating while on my computer or watching TV. Its OUT! (That's where most of my मिठाई-binging happens :) )

Here's the link again - Seven worst ways to eat!

A couple of new things!

Blog is new and improved? :)

- I added an "email" feature. If you find a blog posting interesting, you can now email it to a friend to check out!
- And, it is now possible to transliterate from English to हिंदी! Just use the "" button in the compose window. One tip - increase the font size of the Devanagari script to make it easily readable!

Isn't that pretty cool?

Signing off, this is वन पौंड ऑफ़ कान्नोली क्रीम टू गो, प्लीस!

The seven worst ways to eat!

Seven worst ways to eat!

Looks like it's the "Seven" Week!

OPoCCtGP's August 10th post

None again. :(

8:40 am - Couple of pieces of pineapple, bite of Bengali mithai.
10:00 am - One M&M Kudos bar (last thing I ever eat in front of a screen! :) )
12:40 pm - Cup of tom-yum soup with veggie egg roll, half of serving of rice and tofu panang
3:00 pm - One large डब्बा of watermelon, one piece बंगाली मिठाई And not in front of the computer, so I feel better, and more satiated for sure!
4:00 pm - One very very tiny piece of a bagel, one piece of dry fruit हलवा मिठाई Again, not in front of computer screen. :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

LoR - August 8 + 9

Workout -
(8th) - null
(9th) skipped count of 100, walked up and down 4 floors [not a whole lot, but plan to augment with other workout in the evening]

Food intake (8th):
Breakfast - dosa(2 - ummm feeling appropriately sorry for the girls :D )
Lunch - Bag of chips + oatmeal raisin cookie + tiny portion of pasta salad + 1/4 sandwich
Dinner - Bread + Pizza (one small slice) + half portion of linguine pasta with chicken + two spoonfuls of yummy dessert

Breakfast - glass of orange juice
Lunch - 1 roti + full cup of aloo curry
Dinner - hmmmm... lets see.. will depend if friend from SF makes it on the flight.. fingers crossed.
Snack - will get some junk on the way home.

OPoCCtGP's August 9th post


9:45 am - One piece Bengali mithai
10:30 am - Large dabba of watermelon
11:30 am - Remaining Stacy's pita chips
12:20 pm - Remaining Thai Garden noodles with tofu
12:40 pm - Large piece of dudhi halwa barfi
3:00 pm - Bowl of frosted shredded wheat with 2% milk
4:30 pm - One Kudos M&M bar - 100 cals
Hope to have salad tonight, to balance the alcohol! :) We'll see how that goes. (Yeah, failed in that attempt!)
7:00 pm - Four slices of thin crust pesto pizza with feta and mushrooms, one large mambo-something drink

Suchi - August 9th

8:30 am: Usual Coffee and 1 banana
12:30 : Veggie Chipotle Bowl.

Suchi-August 8th

Workout : None ;(

8:00am : Usual Coffee
10:30 am: Half Grilled Cheese Sandwich
2:00pm: Half Potbelly Sandwich
5:00pm: OJ ( 2 glasses )
8:00 pm: Margarita Pizza (1 and half slice), Salad (DELICIOUS), Veggie Soup (Cup size)

I am very proud of myself cause I resisted Desert!;) Yohooo~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another interesting fitness article

Seven secrets to avoiding fitness failure

OPoCCtGP's August 8th post

Yeah, baby! Ran 7 miles this morn!

7:15 am - One Luna Sunrise Bar, strawberries and cream, some Gatorade during running
10:20 am - One small bowl Mueslix with 2% milk
12:20 pm - Meatball sandwich on asiago bread
12:50 pm - Bowl of cherries, 3 Stacy's chips
2:45 pm - One rasgulla with lots of chashni
4:20 pm - Some leftover fajita stuff, minus the tortilla!
8:00 pm - Two slices of bread with butter, one banana-berry-tini, some margharita pizza, yummy asparagus salad, and icecream for dessert! :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

LoR - August 7

Okay. I don't know if I am in the race to lose weight or get back into shape, though I would love to try at least. I don't seem to find time to workout or blog. But I am hoping the craziness will die down in a month.

But here is my goal:
blog at least every other day if not every day [Blog Nazi, I trust you to keep me faithful]
lose 5 pounds by end of October
workout at least 3 times a week [depending on On-Demand for this]

Alright! Enuff of the ramble, here is the food for the day:
Breakfast: 2 dosas + coconut chutney
Lunch: Roti + 2 eggs + some gourd curry [half a cup]
Snack: Coke Zero
Dinner: [plan] Rice + Curry + Curd
Snack: Hmmmmm dont know, but will end up eating something.. let's hope its healthy!

Kittys Aug 7

Workout- none :(

Breakfast- 1 Kellog cereal bar + 1 cup soymilk

Lunch- Cosi bruschetta salad


Desert - some watermelon+ 1 banana

OPoCCtGP's August 7th post

8:00 am - Ran 3 miles in Busse woods

8:40 am - Once glass gatorade
9:40 am - One bowl of frosted shredded mini wheats with 2% milk
11:00 am - One small bunch of red grapes, 3/4 cup blueberries
12:00 noon - Very small piece almond bar, fake meatballs on one slice asiago bread
2:15 pm - One rasgulla. :)
2:50 pm - Half a cup of bruschetta
3:25 pm - Remaining (large) piece of almond bar
6:30 pm - Two servings of spicy noodle leftovers
10:30 pm - Two pieces of dry fruit halwa. WTF? :(

Suchi - August 7th

Workout: Turbo kick! ;) Yohoo!
8:00 am Short 2% Caramel Machiato
10:00 am : Finished my Veggie Chipotle Bowl
1:30pm : 1/2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Juice :(mix: Watermelon /Lime and Strawberry)
5:30pm : Those Darn Corn PUFFS!
9:30: Little Rice with Aloo Mattar.

Suchi- August 6th


7:30 am : 2% Caramel Machiato and 1 Banana
10:45 half Potbelly Vegetarian Sandwich
2:00 pm Remaining Potbelly Sandwich
6:30pm: Corn Puff! (Regret having those)
7:30 pm:Veggie Chipotle Bowl
10:00 pm 1 glass OJ

Monday, August 06, 2007

OPoCCtGP's August 6th post

None again

10:00 am onwards - Rasmalai, 1/2 lb of kalakand :(
12:20 pm - Small meatball sandwich, some watermelon
3:15 pm - Lots more watermelon
4:30 pm - Some Stacy's cinnamon sugar pita chips
6:30 pm - One soft spring roll, two small bowls of tom-yum vegetable soup, 1/3 of spicy noodle with tofu and veggies - all from Thai Garden!
9:30 pm - One piece dudhi halwa, one rasgulla, one piece bengali-finger mithai and half another bengali mithai. Help me! I didn't think of writing all this down while I was eating it, but afterwards was thinking of what a fool I am! :(

OPoCCtGP's August 5th post


8:00 am - Stacy's pita chips, cucumber sandwiches
12:00 noon - More pita chips, watermelon, bruschetta, meatballs, etc
4:30 pm - Dumplings, almond bars, meatballs, salad, bruschetta, cherries, beans, lemonade
10:00 pm - Two pieces of rasmalai, one bengali mithai (other), one gulabjamun with barfi-malai, one half rasgulla :(

OPoCCtGP's August 4th post

7:00 am - Ran 9 miles

9:00 am - Hot chocolate and hash browns :)
12:00 noon - Watermelon, Stacy's pita chips, remaining small bowl of pasta, chips and guacamole
3:30 pm onwards - Two pinacolada drinks, bruschetta, veggie burger, cucumber sandwiches, lots n lots n lots of frosting