Saturday, April 26, 2008

Momentum's Race result, April 26th 2008

Today was the D-day.

I completed the 5K race in 40 mins and 11 secs. It was a little longer than it took when I was training but I am proud of myself that I did it...I did not stop even once and ran the whole distance!! Quite a few "runners" stopped to catch their breath...some of them walked and ran but I ran the whole time and that was the goal that I had set for run the whole distance.

The lady who was at the finish line was kind enought to agree to mail me my time slip when I told her that it was my first race :) I want to proudly display it!!
Will post pictures soon. hubby finished the race in 29 mins and 27 seconds!!

Now that the race is done...I want to keep running and I will keep posting on the blog.
Thanks so much for the running tips and encouragement. I feel like a changed person. Before today, when I ran outside, I would feel very conscious of myself...but today I overcame all my inhibitions.

Most importantly....I HAD FUN!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Suchi: April 25th Friday!

7:00 am Coffee
8";00 am Bagel with cream cheese
10:00 am Trying to resist the damn Kripsy Kreme!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OPoCCtGP's Wed, Apr 23rd post

Leg strengthening exercises

10:00 am - Bowl of honey bunches of oats with 1% milk
12:30 pm - Cup of minestrone soup, one slice of regular bread with fake meatloaf and Maggi chilli sauce.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Momentum's April 22nd 2008

Breakfast: Two slices of whole wheat bread toasted with 1 tbsp Nutella

Lunch: 1 slice veggie pizza, dannon yoghurt, banana

Pre-workout snack: 2 chocolate chip cookies

Workout: Ran outside again- 3.5 miles in about 42 mins. OMG...I have new found respect for runners!! At times I felt that my heart was pounding so hard that other people could hear it. I cheated a little today while running...I took two breaks to catch my breath...I had to...the route I chose had too many hills. The plan is to run outside again on Thursday and time myself. Also I felt that the music I was listening to was slowing me down at times...if the song slowed down...I found myself slowing down-not sure if listening to music while running outside is a good idea....any thoughts on that??

Dinner: One and a half chapatis, cabbage subzi, 1 bowl dal, one serving of rice, yoghurt, sliced cucumber...nothing beats home made food.

OPoCCtGP's Tue, April 22nd post - and previous stuff. :)

Actually wasn't too bad the past few days. Ran/walked on Saturday, worked on chest, shoulders and back yesterday, legs this morn. Working out is fun! :D

A little bad. Not terrible yet. Enjoyed a wonderful 4 course dinner at Green Zebra on Sunday which was my BIG splurge for the weekend. And had lots of हलवा last night। :( But nothing worse। Oh yeah, forgot about the chocolate eclair drink on Friday.
10:00 am: Cottage cheese with sliced pears
1:30 pm: Fake meatloaf slices with home-made bread
5:30 pm: One slice cinnamon-raisin bread
8:00 pm: Lots and lots of tapas, with lots of butter and fried stuff. And churros with hot chocolate for desert! :)

Suchi: April 22nd. Tuesday

7:00 am Coffee
7:30 Chewda
10:30 : Big bowl of Salad
12:30 : 2 Rotis, Cabbage and some Aloo Palak. 1/2 can coke
2:00 : Tea

Monday, April 21, 2008

Suchi: April 21st Monday

Trying to be really healthy today and it is so so hard!!!!
7:00am : Coffee
8:00 am Banana
10:00 am : Melons and Pineapple
12:00pm : 2 Rotis, Spinach Aloo sabzi and Dahi

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Momentum's Sunday, April 20th

I have been missing from here for a while...sorry about that.

Pre-workout snack: one banana, one chocolate chip cookie

Workout: Ran 5k outside in 38 mins...OMG!!! It is the most diffiicult thing I have done for a while...6 more days to go!!