Thursday, September 07, 2006

LoR's update!

Week 2 has been bad. I mean BAD!! But I anticipated this. [Isnt that supposed to make it better?!]

Worked out for 2 days and ate healthy for 3 days. The rest of the week was a jolly ride downhill. So here goes the contribution:

$3 for not working out the rest of the three days.
$2 for eating rice twice during the same day for two days [Friday and Sunday]
$1 for eating french fries [Saturday]

Week 3 has been not very good so far.
No workout so far and it is already Thursday, so $1 even if I workout for the rest of the week.
$1 for eating rice twice on the same day [yesterday].

Total contribution: $8 [and counting...]

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

OPoCCtGP's PuBaSWoP - Day 14 to Day 16. :) Sept 4 to Sept 6.

A.M. - Have been running each morning for about 28 mins or so at 5.5 mph. Yay!!! Take a two-minute rest in between sometime, so total time is 30 mins.

Not too hot. Too many temptations and cannoli cream detours. I found one thing that might work though. :) To make myself stop eating something, I'm going to imagine it going and settling straight into my cellulite. Yeah! That stopped me from eating my fourth cookie this morn. Lets see if I can stick to this PoA.

Money Contribution
For week 3 of the PuBaSWoP - none as yet! Yay!! :) Past week, I'm going to give in $10 for not working and eating like an idiot. So totally, my contribution has been $14. :(